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Never Miss a Call—Anywhere—With One-Number Access

Business happens in real-time, so you can’t always predict what’s coming next. But you can make sure you never miss a call, no matter where you roam. With 8x8’s One Number Access feature, included in Virtual Office, you get one business phone number that you can take with you anywhere. And, for those places where […]

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Could HIPAA Make Criminals Out of People You Know?

Nobody wants to be right at the expense of companies that are trying to improve people’s health. But this summer, lots of companies that persistently deal with Personal Health Information (PHI) have been slapped with “I-told-you-so” fines that should have been on everyone’s radar for more than a year now. Some companies facing enforcement actions […]

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Feds Send Educators Back to School to Get New E-Rate Funds

The Federal government handed educators a big pink “While You Were Out” memo in late July, with FCC authorization for additional money for schools to improve their communications and infrastructure.  The new rules may send many returning administrators back to the books to figure out how to get the deep discounts for phone, wireless and […]

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Turn Your Contact Center or Phone System into an Unfair Advantage

This May, 8x8 announced that it had achieved “Built For NetSuite” status. Virtual Contact Center was the first call center software to gain this validation, and Virtual Office was the first telephony service that achieved this recognition. This new integration adds some convenient features to our integration with NetSuite. For example, we’ve improved our secure […]

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Wrong Way, Watson! Breathe Soul into the New Customer Experience

We’ve all heard, “Talk to the hand.” Now, financial services provider USAA has announced a pilot program whereby returning veterans seeking to make the transition to civilian society—and about 155,000 do each year—will be told to “talk to the supercomputer.” According to an article on, Watson, the Jeopardy-playing IBM supercomputer, will answer questions like, […]

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