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Who’s Your Company’s Best Friend? 5 Ways 8x8 Gives Fluffy a Run for the Money

Move over Scruffy! You’ve got competition. Dogs may be man’s best friends, but 8x8 business phone service could be your company’s best friend. Here are five good reasons why. 1. You can trust 8x8 to look out for your company’s best interests. Our customer service representatives keep customers’ best interest in mind as they work […]

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Branch Out, Move Up, Stay Connected

Managing branch offices is often a problem for expanding businesses. Until recently, your best choice was to have calls go to the main PBX and then transfer them to the other departments. Many businesses have long wanted to direct customers to the right branch or group directly, with a unique phone number, for more efficient […]

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A Working Parent Begs K-12 Schools: PLEASE Get E-Rate Phone Service!

If you’re a working parent—and I’m not sure there’s any other kind—think about this the next time you try to communicate with your kid’s school or school district. It could be SO much easier, if only your school took advantage of the federal E-Rate program to get better business phone service, teleconferencing and faxing. Even […]

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Don’t Want to Be the Comcast Guy’s Manager? This Technology Can Help

Can you hear it? Across the world, the sound of  millions of customer service managers slapping their foreheads has now grown into a Niagara Falls roar over this now-infamous recording of horrific customer service. Nobody wants to be the manager of the Comcast “cable guy.” He even made Larry look good. That’s the kind of […]

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Office Manager: How to Use Business VoIP to Save Money and Boost Visits

I’m the office manager for a dental office, and I just have to tell you a secret that we’ve learned in our dental practice: If you have the Internet in your office, you can get a lot more for your money by ditching your local phone service for a VoIP (voice over IP) service like 8x8. […]

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