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Mobile Unified Communications: Pet Moving Co. Explains Why 8x8 is #1

When Ellen DeGeneres isn’t being funny, she’s smart. The comedienne-turned-talk-show-host once said, “Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.” So I was a little surprised recently when I read Infonetics’ latest Scorecard report that ranked 8x8 #1 in hosted VoIP and unified communications. #1 Unified Communications Rank […]

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Why Your VoIP Provider Really DOES Need to Support Your HIPAA Compliance

We recently published a blog that explained the issues with the new HIPAA “conduit service” that some VoIP providers are offering without the necessary Business Associate Agreement. Since then, we’ve gotten even more questions about business communication providers’ HIPAA obligations to their customers. Full disclosure: 8x8 is a fully HIPAA-compliant unified communications (UC) VoIP provider that […]

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New Call Center Software Helps Create a Caring Culture AND Gets Results

These are the times that try call center managers’ souls—or at least their scheduling capabilities. The days are fast approaching when weddings, honeymoons, graduations and vacations will make it tough for the managers of the people who solve customer problems and make the sales that sustain their companies. New call center software, integrated with some […]

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Want Seamless Connectivity Around the World? Try a Virtual PBX

Cloud communications have brought a new level of freedom to roam for businesspeople—and they’re driving down expenditures for international travel, as well. Take, for example, Artco Group employees, who used to have to answer calls at their desks. CIO Damian Brennan says that thanks to the Internet cloud, many of those old desk phones are now […]

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Why Accountants and Businesspeople LOVE Cloud Unified Communications

The world is full of companies who will gladly help you engineer a tornado to leaf-blow your lawn. But when it comes to running the unified communications of an organization, it pays to keep it simple, especially when it comes to managing expenses. Increasingly, the money folks—owners, managers, and chief financial officers—are looking at their […]

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