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Don’t Drive Them Away! Call Center Software Makes for Easy Customer Journeys

Could your call center software be driving away business? If you’re like a lot of businesses, it might be time to walk a mile in your customers’ shoes. Surprisingly few businesses collect enough information to understand their own customer-service mazes, let alone make them better, according to data compiled by the International Call Center Management Institute […]

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The Road to HIPAA-compliant Business VoIP and Unified Communications

For most people, starting a road trip comes with an emotional mix of excitement and anxiety. Excitement about escaping the daily routine, and the thought of all the great new experiences ahead. Anxiety about all the possibilities of what might go wrong, in unfamiliar places. The Right Business VoIP Provider Makes the Road to HIPAA […]

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5 Questions to Avoid Orphan Tech in the Coming Business VoIP Shakeout

Independent firm Infonetics Research predicts there’s probably a shakeout coming soon in business VoIP and unified communications. “The market cannot sustain this large number of providers long term, so we will see further consolidation or providers closing down,” writes Diane Myers, principal analyst for Unified communications and IMS at Infonetics, in her recent report, “North […]

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Infonetics: 8x8 #1 in a Changing Business VoIP Competitive Landscape

In a win that could be the first of many upsets in the unified communications arena, 8x8 moved into a “decisive” first place finish in this year’s annual Infonetics Research North American Business VoIP Service Scorecard, released last week. 8x8 Ranks #1 After Making Infonetics’ Top 5 for More than 5 Years 8x8 achieved its #1 rating—over West […]

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Contact Center Software Mashup Helps Coach the Rest of Us

Coaching top executives is all the rage these days, and is increasingly endorsed—and paid for—by companies hoping to get the most out of their top brass. For example, Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot and himself the beneficiary of extensive coaching from his own mentors, has stated that he absolutely believes that “people, unless […]

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