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The Zen of Call Center Software, Ticket Management and Customer Delight

If you know people whose eyes glaze over at the mention of phrases like “call center management” and “interactive ticketing system,” this video is the antidote. It clearly explains otherwise dry customer-satisfaction and call center software concepts in a fun, entertaining way. See how Frank, store manager for a worldwide retail store, finds deeper meaning […]

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Cloud Contact Center Software and WFM vs. the Real World: Who’s Winning?

Henry Cooke once observed that “Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans.” This clash between the ideal world we plan for and the real one we all live in is a given in call center software-based workforce management. Even the best plans or schedules can be trashed by customers […]

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Is Your Business Phone Service Provider Ignoring the Elephant Herd in the Room?

A herd of elephants is wandering around boardrooms across America. They go by the names “Regulatory Compliance” “Security,” and “Reliability,” and you ignore them at your own peril. And because they’re difficult to deal with, lots of business phone service providers and unified communications vendors don’t want to talk about them. Neither do most hosted call center […]

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Unified Communications, Call Center Software and CIO Customer Karma

Despite popular TV shows to the contrary, in real life there’s rarely a surprise witness around when you need one. But 8x8 recently ran into a number of unexpected advocates, out of the blue, at the recent [BE] Midmarket CIO Forum. Their testimonials about our unified communications and hosted call center software helped 8x8 to […]

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Call Center Software Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of WFM

What a difference a year makes! Last year, so much of the debate surrounding cloud applications centered on the decision, “To cloud or not to cloud?” This year, for many companies, that is no longer the question, as cloud-based apps not only get exponentially better, but start to integrate with each other in innovative, productive […]

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