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Hosted VoIP Handles the New Normal: Doing Business in Abnormal Weather

While politicians argue about what to do about climate change, companies around the world are now learning to cope with predictably unpredictable weather. In the face of record-breaking hurricanes like Sandy and other chart-busting weather anomalies, many businesspeople have decided to plan in advance for whatever comes their way and “just deal with it.” These […]

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Cloud Call Center Software Untethers Customers

If you’re old enough to remember Blondie’s Keep Me Hanging on the Telephone, you remember an era when the telephone was the only way you could communicate with a company you were doing business with.  In the old days, before cloud call center software, that meant spending a chunk of time on hold, pacing back and forth […]

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Good Customer Service Is Still the Rule Great Companies Live By

Yesterday in this space, we discussed an idea that’s gotten a lot of play in the media lately—the idea that there is no relationship between how well a company does and the level of customer service that it provides. 8x8’s CEO Vik Verma said that if the author of the original article—Bloomberg’s Eric Chemi—was right, then […]

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Great Customer Service Is Job #1 for CEOs

Can  it really pay to be one of the most hated companies in America? That’s where the reasoning of a recent Bloomberg Businessweek editorial tries to take us. The author, Eric Chemi, argues that—contrary to everything you’ve ever learned about customer satisfaction leading to increased profitability and business success—“The companies you hate are making plenty of […]

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How to Use 8x8 Hosted Call Center Software to Help Callers Reach a Human

Have you ever been on a call trying to reach a live agent but ended up getting dumped into voicemail instead? After waiting and patiently pressing buttons to speak to a real carbon-based life form, being sent to an underqualified agent or dropped into voicemail irritates even the most saintly of customers. And if your […]

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