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The Big Game: Time for Talk About Team Unified Communications

Football is a team game. So is life. —Joe Namath, quarterback for the New York Jets and Los Angeles Rams football teams. And so is business. As another great coach, Mike Krezewski once put it, “Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.” But as Krezewsi also observed, “Communication does not always occur naturally, even among […]

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HIPAA Help for 8x8 Business Phone Service Customers

Could your business be sued or fined for using a business phone service, fax system or call center software that doesn’t meet new HIPAA security and privacy regulations? That’s a good question, because even businesses that never had HIPAA issues before are finding themselves subject to new rules. Worse yet, many of those who are […]

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Flip Calls from Desk Phone to Smartphone with 8x8 Business Phone Service

You’re on a call on your 8x8 desk phone with an important prospect, but you need to leave NOW to get to a can’t-miss in-person meeting across town. If it were on your smartphone, you could hit the road and take the call on your way, but you don’t want to risk losing the prospect […]

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5 Ways VoIP Business Phone Service Simplifies Office Moves

“VoIP has changed my life—seriously!” says Dave Spetrino of Plantation Building Corp. in Wilmington, North Carolina. “When we moved offices, the idea of having to ‘start over’ with a new business phone service was overwhelming. But the next morning, our VoIP phones arrived. We were up and operating in a few minutes, and the ease […]

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Enterprise Megatrend: Business VoIP Makes Cloud Integration Easy and Accessible

Last year at the Enterprise Connect conference, many of the panels discussed the adoption of cloud-based services, particularly telecommunications. Already, it was clear that it’s only a matter of time before enterprises—like our business VoIP subscribers—start first to explore, then to demand, that their cloud-based services are integrated with each other and work seamlessly. 2014 […]

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