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VoIP Business Phone Service Helps You ‘Live the Dream’—No Matter What It Is

The other day, a colleague got an emergency call from her children’s school informing her that her daughter Bella was sick. She ran into my office to tell me she needed to leave to pick up Bella and she would continue to work from home, which of course she did. The next day, I received […]

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Double Your Holiday Power with a Virtual Contact Center and CRM

Is your SMB close to making the transition from “S” to “M”? If the holidays are about to turn your business from small to mid-sized, don’t wait for increased seasonal demand to max out your business phone system. Consider moving or upgrading to a cloud-based contact center, which can make the transition easier—AND help you […]

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Turn Your Business Phone Service into Your Best Holiday Help Ever

With many of the biggest business days of the year approaching, now is the time to start planning for changing seasonal demands on your business phone systems and call centers. Whether you’re planning for year-end financials or you’re one of the many small businesses that make their numbers for the entire year in just a […]

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VoIP Business Phone Service: A Diabolically Clever Way to Be Your Own Competition

Lately, we’ve been sharing tips on using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone service to manage multiple businesses in these two posts, VoIP Phone Service: Run Two Businesses Out Of One Office for Less and Use Your Business Phone Service to Masquerade for Fun and Profit. This next tip is extremely controversial, but it’s also my […]

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VoIP Phone Service: Run Two Businesses Out Of One Office for Less

There’s an old maxim in print design that states it costs relatively the same amount of money to print 1,000 sheets of paper as is does a single sheet, because the bulk of the cost is in the initial setup of the printer.  The same is true for business: if you can reduce costs by […]

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