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E-Rate Program Offers Subsidized Phone Service for Schools and Libraries

Do you know of a K-12 school, library or school district that needs affordable phone service or telecommunications upgrades? Did you know that 8x8 can provide significantly discounted phone, fax and Web conferencing services to these organizations? That’s because 8x8 participates in the federal E-rate program, which is paid for by a tax called the […]

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8x8 at SoftBank World in Tokyo

8x8 has invented some pretty innovative and game-changing technologies. Some of these have caught the attention of SoftBank, one of Japan’s leading telecommunications providers and now a real player in the US market with their recent acquisition of Sprint. This week, 8x8 was at SoftBank World in Tokyo, demonstrating a customized virtual desktop interface (VDI) […]

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How to Work Multichannel Magic With Your Call Center

Are you leaving sales on the table or chasing away customers with less-than-satisfying interactions? Or maybe you’re struggling to track interactions with customers who call, chat/IM and email your company, and expect your agents to know their entire customer history? Real-life pros showcased new ways to handle these contact center issues and more during a […]

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5 Money-Saving Reasons to Ditch Your PBX for Hosted VoIP

Sometimes, when you’re running a business, it seems like the least expensive alternative is to make do with what you already have. So when it comes to small business phone systems —premises-based PBXs or traditional telco services—“If it ain’t broke, don’t replace it” might seem like reasonable words to live by. But many businesses are now realizing […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Results with Advanced Contact Center Recording

Do you have a star salesperson or customer support rep? If so, you probably want a bunch more just like him or her. How do you extract the winning ways of your best people? And conversely, how do you figure out if you need to change your processes or the way you train people, to […]

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