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Tell Us How You Ditched Your Old Telco and You Could Win an iPad

Summer is a great time for cleaning stuff out and simplifying wherever possible. We figure that our own customers are the best experts on cleaning out old PBX closets and saying goodbye to complicated, fussy antique phone systems. So we thought we’d invite our customers to have some fun with a little contest we cooked […]

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The Current Tech Boom Really Is Different This Time

Tech has been on a tear for more than a year now, with the NASDAQ hitting twelve-year highs. Does this mean that we’re headed for a 2001-style crash?  8x8 CEO Bryan Martin doesn’t think so. He was made president of 8x8 in late 2000 just before the crash, and faced either reinventing the company or […]

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How to Use Hosted VoIP to Communicate From a Technology Black Hole

Have you ever been off-site somewhere and really needed to make a business phone call, but didn’t have access to any of your normal communication systems? I’m talking about a real technology black hole—where your cell carrier doesn’t have service; you don’t have Wi-Fi; and you’re stuck somewhere where the nearest computer looks like it […]

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Call Center Scalability and Getting the Service You Need When You Need It

Scalability—a high-falutin’ word for the flexibility to expand or contract service as necessary—is probably one of the best benefits to moving your call center into the cloud. With traditional solutions, the need for additional lines, phones and locations can be expensive to implement. Just ask anyone who has ever tried to get new lines in […]

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Big-Company Advanced Call Center Features Come Down to a Small-Company Price

Cloud-based VoIP has changed the economics of call centers, making available new options and features for many more companies. For what they paid for basic local, long distance and international calling, virtual call center users get a package tailored for supporting customer service and sales with extra functions that many big players pay a lot […]

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