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Business VoIP Gives You Freedom to Make Money Anywhere

Have you ever sat on the balcony of a nice hotel, overlooking some gorgeous view and thought, “Why can’t my office be here?” Or maybe you’ve been stuck at home when your child is sick and thought, “I have so much work to do, I wish I could get it done from home.” With a […]

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3 Myths About Hosted Business VoIP Busted by 8x8

Are common myths about switching your business phone service to hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) holding back your business? As voice, video, and data networks meld into a single user experience, solutions that integrate phone service, unified messaging, voicemail, audio and video capabilities, rich-media conferencing, and mobility solutions are in high demand. Hosted VoIP […]

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Customize Your VoIP Business Phone System From 8x8 to Boost Sales and Customer Satisfaction

The phrase “auto attendant” might sound a little boring, until you find out what one can do for your business; then it gets a whole lot more interesting. Many who’ve used a business phone system in their organizations consider the Auto Attendant to be the workhorse of their sales and service departments. An essential feature […]

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How a VoIP Business Phone App From 8x8 Saved the Deal

Our recent post about Thrive’s Tod Petty using 8x8’s VoIP business phone service mobile app to find his lost iPhone, has inspired others to send us their 8x8 Save story—situations where 8x8 business phone service and features have saved businesspeople from a potentially bad or embarrassing situation. 8x8 business phone service customer, Chairman and CEO […]

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Great Customer Service with a Virtual Call Center Hosted by 8x8 VoIP

Air-purification company Blueair insists on providing top-notch customer service, but it needed a cost-effective way to monitor and manage a virtual call center. So it turned to 8x8’s hosted VoIP Virtual Contact Center, and the results have been dramatic. “The change has been like night and day for both customers and agents,” says Justin Warren, […]

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