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What SMB Owners Can Teach Enterprise about Cloud-based Business VoIP

“Cloud-based Communications: Opportunity, Threat or Yawn?” That was the question put to me and other industry panelists at the Enterprise Connect conference this week in Orlando. The other panelists all seemed to acknowledge that cloud-based communication and collaboration has “caught fire” in its popularity with small and medium businesses (SMBs). The Cloud Cuts Costs—But That’s […]

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Banking on 8x8 Business VoIP Phone Service

Anybody who has ever tried to get new business phone service on short notice—and been told there’s a three-week wait—can identify with West Town Saving Bank’s Vice President of Retail Mortgage Sales Christopher LaCroix when he says, “The best thing about 8x8 is there’s no installation required!” “We’re still growing, and I have two to […]

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Use Hosted PBX Technology From 8x8 to Look Bigger

In today’s hyper competitive environment, it’s important to use every resource at your disposal to give yourself an edge over the competition. The Auto Attendant that comes included with the 8x8 Virtual Office hosted PBX is one tool that you can start using right away to grow your business! Even if you don’t immediately recognize […]

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Cloud-based Call Centers Offer New Freedom and Innovation for Businesses With Low-Cost VoIP

Owning or managing a business often attracts people who want independence—especially from increasingly irrelevant constraints such as location or the availability of office space. That’s why some of these entrepreneurs are exploring cloud-based VoIP technology, which gives owners and workers alike the freedom to work from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection. This telecommuting trend […]

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Use a Business Phone Service To Prevent Lost Business

Do after-hours (or busy) calls to your business go directly to voicemail? If so, you might be leaving money on the table. That’s because lots of potential customers aren’t satisfied just to “wait for the tone” and leave a message when they don’t reach you the first time. They keep calling your competitors until they […]

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