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Business VoIP From 8x8 Blows Talent Market Wide Open

“Thank you for changing my life, I’m forever grateful.” Have you ever gotten a letter that just blows you away with its emotion and insight? We did recently, when we invited our customers to write about the things they love most about 8x8 business phone service. There were hundreds of responses, but this one, from […]

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Polycom Names 8x8 Partner of the Year

We’re honored to receive the North American Service Provider of the Year award from Polycom. Both Polycom and 8x8 are deeply committed to outstanding service innovation and quality, so I was proud to step up on the stage with the 8x8 team to receive the award last week in Vancouver at the annual TEAM Polycom […]

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8x8 Call Center Software and Hosted VoIP Phone Service Help Businesses Weather the Storm

“With Nor’easters, having the ability to work from home is a blessing for our call center. During one of the storms, a lot of our staff was without power, so I opened my home as a temporary call center. With the use of cell phones and PCs, we were able to support our business needs. […]

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