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Cloud Computing Demystified

“Cloud Computing,” sometimes used interchangeably with “Software as a Service,” is the industry buzz word du jour. But what does it really mean? At its most basic level, the term refers to data or software that is accessed via a computer network and doesn’t reside on a local computer. It is software or data accessed […]

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EGHT on Bloomberg

Bryan Martin appeared on Bloomberg TV today.  Lots of Bloomberg’s broadcasts today were devoted to the Cloud.  Cloud is big and we look forward to rolling out new Cloud services this year! The Bloomberg video is at    

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Be a One Number Wonder with Call Forwarding and Mobile Apps!

My days of juggling multiple phone numbers are over. Business associates, family and friends no longer have to dial multiple telephone numbers trying to find me. Home number… cell number… office number… home office number… private/family number….NO MORE! I’m a one number wonder. How is this possible? I give out my 8x8 phone number and […]

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