Customer Experience

Virtual Contact Centre Customer Experience is a ground-breaking analytical tool providing unprecedented levels of visibility into customer interactions and IVR usage.

Customer experience analytical tool

  • Presents a graphical view of the complete caller journey
  • Allows for advanced search of all interactions for targeted analysis
  • Reveals most common IVR paths utilized by customers
  • Dynamic view of IVR scripts highlighting caller abandon rates at different points in the IVR, providing actionable intelligence to optimize IVR design

Advanced search

Filter and view recent calls with more than 15 available metrics including channel, queue, agent, time in IVR, and even hold and mute count.

Call Center - Customer Experience Advanced Search

Graphical view of customer journey

View the caller’s journey from the moment they reach the call centre through to call termination. Reveals step-by-step experience in the IVR, queuing to agents, agent connection and post-call survey. Use this to expose an ‘outside in’ view of your contact centre to enable continual process improvement and agent training.

Call Center - Customer Experience Customer Journey

IVR dominant path

View the top 10 most common IVR paths taken by your customers to better understand their needs and how well current menu options are addressing those needs.

Call Center - Customer Experience IVR Path

IVR metrics

Choose an IVR script and time frame for analysis. View a graphical depiction of the script with ability to dynamically expand or contract menu options. Use this to determine where in the IVR callers are dropping, usability of your existing IVR scripts, and where you can improve the IVR design.

Call Center - Customer Experience IVR Metrics


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