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8x8 Virtual Contact Centre Features

Contact Centre

Audio Production Store

Professional, affordable voice recording services for your auto attendant or IVR. From telephone prompts to voicemail and message on-hold recordings, make sure your business presents a consistent, professional voice for your clients and customers. Visit the Audio Production Store.

Skills-based Routing

Skills-based routing matches callers with the call centre agents who can meet their needs. Learn more about skills-based routing.


Quickly connect callers with agents and streamline customer flow with the 8x8 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature. Learn more about the IVR.

Queued Callback

Eliminate long hold times. Queued callback lets waiting callers opt out of the hold queue without losing their place in line, and receive a callback as soon as an agent becomes available.

Personal Agent Connect

Build stronger relationships between customers and agents with Personal Agent Connect.  Agents can provide a direct phone number to a customer allowing them close sales and resolve support tickets more quickly, with higher success rates. The feature can also be used to automatically connect callers with the agent they last spoke to, boosting customer satisfaction and accelerating ticket close rates. Learn about Personal Agent Connect.

Virtual Contact Centre Analytics

Spot trends fast with 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre Analytics. See how your customers are being served across all channels and in different areas of the business, and learn how your agents are performing against critical metrics. Learn more about analytics.

Supervisor / Agent Tools

Agent Supervisor Tools

Stay on top of everything with role-based supervisor tools that help you plan, monitor, react and control every important metric in your contact centre.

Learn more about Agent Supervisor Tools.
Agent Console

With 8x8 Agent Console your agents are able to provide the fastest and most efficient service to your customers on any channel, all from the same, easy-to-learn and efficient-to-use interface. Learn more about 8x8 Agent Console.


CTI (computer-telephony integration) “pops” the caller’s information to the agent’s screen as the call comes in so the agent can provide more efficient, personalized service and fast resolution. Learn more about CTI.

FAQ Knowledgebase

An FAQ knowledgebase turns every agent into an expert and ensures customers receive accurate, consistent information. Learn about the FAQ Knowlegebase.



Telephony, email, or web chat channels, all in one application. Learn more about multi-channel contact centres.

Web Callback
Most customers start their interactions with you on the web. With Web Callback your customers can get access to the people who can help them with the touch of a button without having to wait on hold. Learn more about Web Callback.

Increase sales and reduce customer frustration by offering a helping hand on your web page with 8x8’s Co-browsing feature. Learn more.

Proactive Chat

Selectively extend chat to your most important web visitors while balancing the existing demands on your service organization. Customers appreciate the attention during their time of need, while your sales teams engage with high-value prospects. Learn about Proactive Chat.

Reporting and Monitoring

Virtual Contact Centre Analytics

Spot trends fast with 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre Analytics. See how your customers are being served across all channels and in different areas of the business, and learn how your agents are performing against critical metrics. Learn more about analytics.

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay on top of everything with real-time monitoring of your contact centre.

8x8 Virtual Contact Centre software monitors real-time contact centre statistics including queue information, interactions in progress, agent stats and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Learn more about Real-time Monitoring.

Virtual Contact Centre Call Recording

On-demand or random call recordings help in coaching agents. It’s easy to manage recordings management and retrieval with call centre call recording.

Historical Reporting

Spot trends fast with 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre historical reporting. Optimize agent performance and improve contact centre operations by giving call centre managers the information they need to make smart business decisions. Learn more about Historical Reporting.

Post-Call Survey

Capture the voice of the customer with 8x8’s native post-call survey application. Learn more about Post-call Survey.

Customer Experience

Virtual Contact Centre Customer Experience is a ground-breaking analytical tool providing unprecedented levels of visibility into customer interactions and IVR usage. Learn about Customer Experience.

CRM Integrations

Zendesk Integration

Now every organization can radically improve how it serves its customers. Zendesk and 8x8 have leveraged the power of the cloud to make great customer service simple. Learn how 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre’s built-in Zendesk integration can help your business grow.

NetSuite Integration

8x8 and NetSuite have partnered to provide a cloud-based integration that combines the strengths of the two products out-of-the-box. Instead of requiring months of integration services, start serving your customers better in days! Learn more about 8x8 / NetSuite integration.

Salesforce Integration

Get the most out of your Salesforce CRM with built-in integration with 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre. Screen pops deliver calls and other interactions with the appropriate contact information and you can automatically dial calls by clicking on the contact’s number in salesforce. Learn more about Salesforce Integration.

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics Integration

8x8 Virtual Contact Centre is a powerful contact centre platform that offers pre-built integration with hosted Microsoft Dynamics.

8x8 CRM

The 8x8 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is perfect for organizations that do not already have one. Learn more about the 8x8 CRM feature.

Disaster Recovery

Contact Centre Continuity

Duplicate your operations with fast and easy failover. Available as a companion service to 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre. Learn about the Call Centre Continuity feature.

Workforce Optimization

Quality Management

Your agents are your front line to your customers. When agents don’t perform, you hurt your customer relationships. See how 8x8’s Virtual Contact Centre with Quality Management maximizes agent efficiency and productivity.  Learn more about Contact Centre Quality Management

Workforce Management

8x8 and Teleopti have combined their best-of-breed solutions to help you better serve your customers and control contact centre costs through powerful forecasting, scheduling and reporting capabilities. Learn how to improve staffing efficiencies and more with 8x8 and Teleopti workforce management.

Expert Connect

Improve first contact resolution with Expert Connect. Connect your agents with experts across the company with shared presence, chat, click-to-call dialing and easy transfers. Learn more about Expert Connect.

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