Mehdi Salour

Senior Vice President of Network Operations and DevOps

Mehdi Salour is a super-ninja when it comes to global networks and DevOps. He leads 8x8′s global network, data center, and security operations, enabling enterprise-grade service delivery to be a key differentiation for the company. In addition, as 8x8 increasingly supports the growing needs of mid-market and enterprise customers, Salour is chartered with spearheading the company’s DevOps cultural transformation to accelerate the delivery of innovative features and services.

Prior to this role, Salour led 8x8′s network operations, service deployment, customer support and success organizations, and met the demands of customers- across SMB to mid-market and enterprise. Salour has been with 8x8 since the inception of the VoIP and UCaaS services and played a major role in developing the company’s CRM strategy as it transitioned from an OEM technology company to a customer-centric service provider. Under his leadership, 8x8 has built a world-class global cloud service delivery and network infrastructure, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and low churn.

Salour gained his real-world experience with enterprise networks through various other 8x8 positions, including IT Network Engineer, Network Operations Engineer, Manager of Technical Support, Director of Technical Support and Vice President of Network Operations. Salour holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s in software engineering with specialization in networking software and security. He holds eighteen patents.

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