No matter what product or service you sell, customer service is key to continued success — and everyone at the company must prioritize this, even if their role isn’t traditionally ‘customer-facing’. Integrating your contact center with the rest of the company is your first step towards creating a customer-first culture — and it’s the only way to consistently give accurate, timely answers to complex customer questions.

Bridging the gap between contact center and business communications requires both a shift in mentality and the right technology. 8x8’s X Series has the technology you need to get your customer service agents collaborating with your engineers, administrators and salespeople.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes that 8x8 is uniquely able to facilitate collaboration between contact centers and the wider business — that’s why it was given the 2018 North American Integrated CCaaS and UCaaS Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award. Read the full report to get all the details.