Digital technology has eliminated geography as a barrier to doing business. Today’s workforce is increasingly dispersed and mobile. With employees working in different locations, on the road, or working from home, a unified communications strategy to keep everyone connected.

Virtual office apps from 8x8 turn any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile devices into a powerful virtual office with advanced business phone capabilities.

VoIP for Business

Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as the transport layer for your business phone system allows for significant costs savings. In many cases, savings can exceed 50 percent over traditional services from your local phone company.

VoIP services eliminate the need for on-site hardware-based PBX systems and connections with traditional copper lines. This cuts down on capital expenses and reduces any ongoing maintenance costs. Long-distance charges are a thing of the past for domestic calls and many international calls are at no-cost or reduced fees.

By bringing together all of your employees across multiple locations under one system, you can avoid duplication of hardware. There’s no need to buy or lease multiple PBX systems at multiple locations. A hosted PBX solution can be utilized via your internet connection for any of your offices.

Powerful Features

Whether you need a small business phone system, a large-scale business phone system, or an enterprise-level business phone system, 8x8’s X Series has a variety of plans to meet you need. While every 8x8 business phone system solution offers robust calling, VoIP, and standard features, you can mix and match the services and features you need for a cost-efficient solution.

X2 Integrated Communications

X2 connects your team members with advanced features including 1 click from chat to voice to video conferencing, company-wide team messaging, and integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other business applications.

X4 Smarter Global Engagement

X4 adds unlimited global calling for unified communications across 47 countries, supervisor and service quality analytics, and streamlined call handling (Switchboard Pro).

X6 Speed to Resolution

X6 build on X2 and X4 capabilities by adding a standard 4,000 minutes per concurrent agent, although you can add on unlimited calling. It also includes a voice-focused contact center, one-click access to subject matter experts, customer engagement analytics, and customizable dashboards.

X8 Customer Experience Transformation

X8 includes all of the above capabilities with advanced tools. Integrated voice, email, web chat, and social tools allow for efficient communications with team members and customer across channels. Advanced speech, interaction analytics, and management tools help with collaborative performance management and training. Predictive software, campaigns, and dialers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of outbound calling.

Designed for the Modern Workforce

With geographic barriers reduced, many companies are finding that a virtual office strategy can provide a wealth of benefits. It can reduce payroll costs as digital routing can connect experts anywhere in the world rather than duplicating subject matter experts at multiple locations. It can reduce real estate costs and operating costs. It allows for more diverse hiring since it opens up work to people throughout the country.

In addition, employers using virtual connected offices have discovered additional benefits, including increased flexibility, improve morale, and reduces turnover. It’s also attractive for Millennial knowledge workers. 68% of younger workers say working remotely greatly increase their interest in employers, according to a study done by AfterCollege.

These benefits are only realized with strong communication systems in place to connect employees and allow them to interact easily. “Traditional office communication with coworkers and management, which is often dependent on physical proximity, is disrupted,” researchers concluded. A robust business phone system to connect workers across distances in a virtual environment is needed to keep engagement levels high.

You need more than just audio in your VoIP business telephone solution for remote workers. A study from Brigham Young University found employee face-to-face interactions with leaders makes a significant difference in productivity. With remote work, face-to-face communication is enabled through video conferencing as part of a unified communications solution.

8x8’s Unified Communications Suite featured intuitive communications tools for audio and internet conferencing, virtual meetings, video conferencing, and screen sharing. Regardless of where team members – or customers – are, you can connect in a more personal way. HD quality video conferencing and virtual meetings can host up to 100 participants. Team messaging provides instant communication for fast, productive sharing across platforms and devices.

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) also you to bring together all of your business phone systems and communication technologies into a single cloud-based platform. VoIP and IP telephony connect business phone systems with instant messaging, video conferencing, and web connections.

Easy-to-use and Manage

Deployment of virtual office and enhanced business phone systems is easier than you might think. Your systems can be up and running in a matter of hours compared to the days or weeks it takes to make even simple changes to your system with traditional phone company installation. In addition, your system is scalable. Nearly every aspect of your system can be managed in a cloud-based interface. You can add, drop, or change lines in just a few clicks.

8x8’s virtual office solutions, using VoIP and unified communications in the cloud offer a reduced total cost of ownership.

Additional phone sets can be added. Just plug into an internet connection and you’re ready to go. Existing analog phone sets can be used with a low-cost ATA adapter. Current desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be added to the network using a client app. This allows anyone online and, on the network, – regardless of where they are – to have the same access and tools as if they were sitting in their office.

Remote workers and road warriors get the same seamless access as everyone else. This allows everyone to access business phone system services, conferencing, integrated mobile apps, and analytics. It supports virtual connections to servers, databases, and CRM tools. 8x8’s virtual office solutions can also include advanced tools such as visual voicemail and presence awareness to increase productivity.

Improve Customer Engagement

8x8 is the only cloud-based unified communications provider that will also integrate with your contact center. In today’s omnichannel communications environment, you will be able to connect with customers on the methods they prefer, including voice, video, live chat, email, and social. At the same time, you can move seamlessly between channels without losing access to data or making customers repeat themselves.

Solutions are available for small businesses, large businesses, and enterprise clients. Advanced speed and interaction analysis coupled with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) can cut down on first call resolution times by using artificial intelligence for automated call routing to the right person wherever they are on the network. This can allow you to have experts working anywhere, but available to customers when needed.

For sales, predictive outbound campaigns can target high-profile leads with instant access to details. This allows representatives to reach prospects more quickly and qualify them better. An automated predictive outbound dialer can increase efficiency for high volume or inside sales teams.

Call recordings and interactive data can help train and manage customer service support staff and sales teams. Constant monitoring and identification of trends can pinpoint where staff members need additional coaching. It may also help detect system problems that can be addressed to increase efficiency.

Sales activity, call center volume, and resolutions can be tracked at the individual, account, or team level. Data is seamlessly integrated into one dashboard for management review. Surveys, follow-ups, and customer feedback are fast and scalable to help make better business decisions.

The Virtual Office Desktop

8x8’s virtual office desktop is a truly comprehensive unified communications application. It integrates a softphone with advanced tools including visual voicemail, messaging, video calling, and fax. It includes call recording, web conferencing, social media, and presence awareness tools.

It gives your desktop, laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices to connect to all of your resources by simply downloading and installing an app.

You will have HD quality audio with transfer, park, and 3-way calling capabilities. SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) can be added as an enhanced security feature to encrypt calls and data. You can add access to your corporate directory, or import contacts from Outlook, Exchange, Google, or Skype for Business.

Let Us Design A Business Phone System And Virtual Office Solution For You

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