Cloud phone systems centralize communications and transform your business by bringing your team together through powerful, light and fast features. Scale your phone solution and communicate wherever and whenever through apps that are thoughtfully designed for today's workplace.

8x8's Virtual Office Editions empowers better business communication through straightforward and useful cloud-based software. This helps organizational teams stay closer together even if some workers are clocking-in from another office (or another time zone). VoIP solutions can be implemented quickly and effectively regardless of the size of business, industry or business model. Business VoIP providers have a variety of options and features available to fit the needs of organizations. In all likelihood, there's a new business phone system that will fit your business.

Business VoIP is a powerful asset for companies of all shapes and sizes. VoIP can help you collaborate and support your organization's operations at scale. Since there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan, there are a variety of different VoIP plans on the market that are designed to serve the needs of businesses.

Find out more about how it can help your company improve productivity and reach the public more effectively.

VoIP for Business

Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it's easier than ever for teams to stay connected. Internet-based phone service pairs well with powerful apps created for business communications. Your conversations with each other, your customers, clients, suppliers and the public are sent via servers to landline, cell and online phones. This enables affordable and effective communications that fit every industry and size of business. Local, long distance and even international minutes are often included in VoIP for business plans.

8x8 offers a flexible and scalable platform for all of your business communications needs. Never be out of the loop again with these solutions that fit your organization.

Powerful Features

Business VoIP features make it easier to communicate across the office or around the world. Find the features you need:

  • One single platform for voice, messaging and other communications
  • Web conferencing
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Traditional phone features like call waiting, voicemail and conference calls
  • Virtual extensions
  • Automated receptionist
  • Take inbound calls and route them through a phone tree to the best agents
  • Straightforward workflow for call center agents with everyone having access to the information and features they need
  • Choose your own area code, even internationally
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Call numbers in a variety of countries around the globe
  • And much more

Thanks to these and other features, your business can stay productive. Find a plan that allows you to meet your business goals. And when your needs change, you can make adjustments to your Virtual Office plan to get more great features.

8x8's Virtual Office Editions provides businesses with these great features:

  • Unlimited calls to 47 countries
  • Use desktop and mobile apps to stay in touch
  • HD voice that doesn't skimp on call quality
  • Self-service admin using a simple online portal
  • Presence to let your coworkers know what you're up to
  • Real-time instant chat and collaboration tools
  • Remote-access voicemail
  • Encryption for voice calls
  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Digital operator switchboard to manage incoming calls
Designed for the Modern Workforce

Today's teams communicate and collaborate through a variety of devices and in a lot of different places. The right business VoIP provider can help your organization by giving you the tools to work the way modern workers want to.

  • Smartphone-friendly apps: Even if you're not at the desk, you can use business VoIP from your smartphone. Take the sales process on the road or check-in with that new client before getting on your flight.
  • Scales with you: As your business grows, add additional users and communications capacity to keep everyone talking. You don't have to worry about outgrowing your phone plan. More users, more minutes and more features isn't a problem. Making the transition to becoming a bigger business shouldn't derail your communication processes. Unlike some VoIP plans and vendors, we make it easy to make adjustments that suit your business.
  • Work remotely: Not in the same office? That's not a problem. Connect from anywhere. Bring together the whole group even if you can't hold an in-person meeting.

Bringing everyone the same great service with the features they need from a single platform is now possible--business VoIP can help you make it happen.

Easy-to-use and Manage

By having everything in one place and accessing easy-to-learn, flexible software with the features you need, it's easier to communicate. It's also easier to control user access and permissions when you need to. After all, it's not helpful to have a phone system if it's not also easy-to-use and manageable. 8x8's Virtual Office Editions can be managed online through a portal without having someone with an IT background actively manage it for you. Do the management yourself and quickly make the changes you need.

Change settings, view reports and add users through a simplified portal. Coverage for multiple users can be built-in with Virtual Office plans through 8x8, allowing you to bring more of the team into the business phone system and providing the same great features to the entire group. Thanks to reporting functionality you can also get a quick big-picture view of what's happening inside your business communications system.

Certain features, such as video conferencing, can allow you to communicate more effectively together as an organization--up to 100 people can join a conference. Host training events, join together the whole sales team, use screensharing to collaborate and more.

Once you've implemented your new phone system, you can even take your business phones with you. Just plug-in your equipment and connect online. Even if you're getting ready to relocate your business soon, setting up your phone service in the new location is a breeze compared with setting up traditional business phone service.

Improve Customer Engagement

Stay close to your customers. Business VoIP is a fantastic partner for sales and marketing teams. Getting the results you're looking for becomes a little easier when you have access to the right tools. Business VoIP providers allow companies to customize their contact with customers by fostering personalized communications and connection with buyers. For customers looking for a more purpose-built buying experience, this is an essential piece that can simplify and improve service.

Keep your customers engaged and connected with you thanks to VoIP services designed specifically for businesses looking to expand their profile and build their public reputation.

Finding the Right Business Communications Solution

VoIP services have a lot to offer business and personal subscribers. Today's VoIP is more flexible, affordable, feature-rich and scalable than other communications solutions. When used alongside other communications through a single platform, it becomes much simpler than ever to boost productivity and promote collaboration.

Organizations need reliable communications. Identifying the right phone service provider is one of the most important first steps towards meeting marketing and sales outreach goals. No matter what industry you're in or how you use communications platforms, though, it's essential to have a plan and a service provider that fits your goals.

As such, it's important to take the time to find the right vendor for your organization. Here are a few tips:

  • Ask questions: Create a list of questions you have for prospective vendors and prepare to interview each company on your list. Take notes on their answers so it's easier to compare later.
  • Involve the team: If particular departments or groups within your company will be using the platform regularly, consider offering them the opportunity to provide input on the choice of equipment, features, vendors and plans.
  • Do a demo: Live demos can tell you a lot about particular features and services. Consider getting a demo and perhaps even involving a few other team members.
  • Create a wishlist: Find out what features each department will need in a communications system and add them to your must-haves list. When you shop for a vendor and plan, ask about the features on your list. Check your budget and see if it aligns with the features you've added.
  • Consider your options: Consider at least two plans, even if they're from the same vendor. Look at the features, pricing and limitations of each one to see how well it fits your business goals.
Shopping for a VoIP Provider

If your business is shopping for a new communications solution, consider learning more about 8x8. Ask a Virtual Office Editions Specialist how 8x8's communications platform aligns with your business strategy. Business VoIP plans are available for any industry, business size and goal. Learn more about how implementing Virtual Office Editions can make a difference for your organization.