8x8 Managed Technical Services

Automatic optimization
Real-time network visibility

Seamlessly improve network performance

8x8 Managed Technical Services helps to solve network slowdowns and ensure peak performance of business applications.

Comprised of a small on-premises appliance and convenient cloud service, 8x8 Managed Technical Services enhances network performance by automatically optimizing traffic that’s critical to business.

Plus, it provides real-time visibility into your network so you can see what’s causing congestion, saving valuable IT resources and eliminating lengthy troubleshooting processes.

How it works

8x8 Managed Technical Services sidesteps bufferbloat, packet loss, and other sources of network strain by tunneling all traffic through a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection to the cloud.


The resulting traffic superhighway allows for the highest possible uptime for on-network applications.

The 8x8 Managed Technical Services appliance is easy to install and plugs into existing network equipment. Analytics, reporting, and management capabilities are handled through the 8x8 Managed Technical Services cloud service.

Experience the difference

Businesses rely on their network every day, and any drop in performance jeopardizes their ability to carry out important tasks, such as quickly connecting with customers.

But faster connections aren’t the only advantages of 8x8 Managed Technical Services.

  • Real-time insights – see the applications and services that are slowing down your network

  • Increased efficiency – staff spends less time searching for sources of congestion

  • Reliable connections – remote workers can securely connect to the corporate network

  • Automatic failover – critical applications are always available, even during outages

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8x8 Managed Technical Services helps solve network problems proactively by automatically optimizing traffic that’s critical to business. Compatible over any WAN link, only pay a low monthly service rate to realize the benefits.

Powerful business solutions in the cloud

8x8 Managed Technical Services continues the 8x8 commitment to provide businesses with robust cloud communications solutions that enable better customer experiences.

Along with the industry-leading 8x8 Virtual Office, 8x8 Managed Technical Services optimizes your network and empowers your employees to be more productive.

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