8x8 ContactNow for Jira Service Desk

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Add voice interactions directly into Jira Service Desk

Assign every call to an existing or new ticket

Access comprehensive analytics to review dialer activity

Keep a record of every interaction

Integrate 8x8 ContactNow with your Jira Service Desk for easy customer support today!

Sign up for ‘Early Access’ and receive an 8x8 ContactNow account with Jira Service Desk integration.

Seamlessly make and receive calls within Jira Service Desk.

8x8 ContactNow for Jira Service Desk

Make and receive calls from within a Jira Service Desk ticket

  • Communicate with customers via high definition voice calling
  • Have a record of call activity tagged to Jira Service Desk tickets
  • Easily manage inbound and outbound calls, monitor staff, and run reports to analyze your contact center activity
  • Quickly search and assign tickets to calls with all information saved as a note
  • Scales with your support desk demands

About 8x8 ContactNow

8x8 Contact Now is the intelligent, energetic and easy-to-use cloud contact center solution. 8x8 ContactNow enables teams to quickly and affordably deploy contact center capabilities without the cost or complexity of traditional systems

Easy setup

Easy self-serSet up and configure your call center in minutes. No phones, hardware, or coding required

Inbound calling

Intelligent routing; incoming calls are swiftly and effortlessly routed to the appropriate agent

Outbound calling

Automates dialing and only connects agents to calls that are answered by a live prospect


Improves caller experiences & reduces frustration by routing customers to the appropriate agent

Skills-based routing

Automatically distribute incoming calls to the team or individual who can best help your customer; route customer calls quickly and efficiently with the ease of drag & drop

Easy administration

Gain better insight and oversight over customer engagement with powerful contact center management tools, creating the custom agent workflow and customer experience you need


Gain valuable insight and visibility to optimize and identify trouble areas to reduce call time, increase automation rates, and improve caller experience


Empower higher-quality customer interactions with integrations into leading CRM and Support Desk solutions

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