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Solutions by Business Need

8x8 is here to help you solve your business communications needs. Do you need cost-effective yet powerful business phone service? How about a call center, or Web conferencing? Take a look at the business scenarios below. If one of them doesn't match your needs, take a look at our products overview to find what you are looking for.
Cost of Phone Ownership: 8x8 VoIP business phone solutions are more cost-effective than traditional telecom systems. Call Center Software: Improve customer interactions and accelerate team productivity with a call center in the cloud.
New Business Phone System: Moving? It's the perfect time to switch to a VoIP phone system that won't hold you back. Distributed Workforce: Teleworkers, telecommuters and traveling employees get the same perks as the in-office staff.
International Calls: Get some of the best rates for both your office and mobile phones. Internet Phone Service: Learn how it makes your business look more professional and polished.
Meeting Productivity: Use web conferencing to hold online meetings to improve communications and reduce travel costs. Video Conferencing: Reduce travel costs without reducing meeting productivity or face to face time.