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Hosted PBX. Virtual PBX. Cloud PBX.

Hosted PBX. Virtual PBX. Cloud PBX. What does it really mean?  Here's the bottom line. 
Instead of that ungainly PBX box in the telecom closet, 8x8 delivers all hosted PBX phone services right over your Internet connection using VoIP technology. With 8x8, your virtual PBX phone service is affordable, simple to manage, and gives your whole company the kind of features you thought were only for the big guys.

With 8x8 Hosted PBX Business Phone Service You Can…

  • Lose the big box and the big fees—No need to buy, lease, or pay maintenance fees on a complex PBX system at your office; your hosted PBX solution is delivered right over your Internet connection.
  • Save a lot—We usually save businesses about 50% off their phone bill and up to 90% off what it would cost them to invest in a traditional PBX system.
  • Simplify with one company—Get everything you need from one company: your phones, all your calling features, and your local, long distance, and international calls.
  • Put all employees under the same phone system—Home workers, office workers, traveling employees all share the same virtual PBX features; so no matter where they are located, they are only an extension call away from each other.
  • Grow at your own pace—Order as many extensions as you need now; add more extensions, fax lines, anytime.
Hosted PBX phone, smartphone and computer

How Can a Virtual PBX Help Your Business?

You get an amazing business phone system that works exactly like you would expect it to. But it's virtual. All you need are phones and an Internet connection. Meanwhile, we own and manage all the virtual PBX equipment, software, and upgrades behind the scenes so you don't have to. Learn more about 8x8 Virtual Office, our hosted PBX service.

What Will Your Customers Say? 

Don't be too surprised if they compliment you on how professional your phone system is, or how easy it is to reach your employees. Or they might not even notice a thing, as you easily transfer calls between locations. Here's what one of our own customers had to say.

"The 8x8 Hosted PBX system has helped our little company more than I can express. We are a small IT consulting business and were always juggling office, cell, answering service, etc.  It was very cumbersome. Looking into a standard phone system was extremely pricey and out of our reach. 8x8 offered everything I could ever want in a phone system, including all the features that the big companies have for a fraction of the price. When someone calls our office now, they can't tell we are a small shop. The 8x8 system makes us sound like we are a Fortune 500 company! Thank you 8x8!"

Steven G.
Technology Company

Great Features and Quality on your Desk or on your computer


Why Choose 8x8?

See why over 35,000 companies trust 8x8 with their business communications services.

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