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Virtual Office News


August 2014

  • I Got the Power
  • Don't Be the Comcast Guy's Manager
  • 8x8 Hints & Tips: Call Park
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Dental Office of Dr. Frank Long
  • Discounts on Upcoming Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Could a School You Like Get E-Rate Phone Service?

July 2014

  • 8x8 Mobile App Now Has Cellular Call Mode!
  • Two New Features: 8x8 Branch Office and Switchboard Pro
  • New Virtual Meeting Stability Enhancements
  • Special Webinar: E-Rate Telecom Funds for Education, July 29
  • Is Your Company on the Fed's List of HIPAA Violators?
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Be an 8x8 Champion—Showcase Your Success
  • Customer Spotlight—Artco Group Competes Globally Using 8x8

June 2014

  • Polycom VVX SideCars Are Here!
  • Are You Being Left Out of the Net Neutrality Debate?
  • Hints & Tips: Prepare for the Unexpected
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Why Conduit Service Won't Keep Your Business HIPAA-Compliant
  • Avoiding the Customer Service Maze
  • Everybody Wins With Virtual Contact Center Plus Teleopti WFM
  • Customer Spotlight—McDonnell and Associates Law Firm

May 2014

  • 8x8 is #1 in a Changing Competitive Landscape
  • How to Create a Summer Schedule for Your Auto Attendant
  • Special Live Webinar: Teleopti Workforce Management
  • Configuring Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center for HIPAA Compliance
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Fix Auto
  • 30% Off Call Center Week Conference and Expo
  • Upcoming events

April 2014

  • 8x8 Awarded 2014 Best MidMarket Solution
  • A Fresh, New Design for Virtual Office Online & Virtual Office Desktop
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • UCStrategies Expert Interviews 8x8's CEO on Cloud Adoption
  • Cloud Call Center Software Mashups Handle the Real World
  • Customer Spotlight: Aon Hewitt
  • Upcoming Events

March 2014

  • New Polycom VVX 600 Phone & Webcam
  • From Business Phone Service to Coffee, Security Matters
  • Free Yourself from Old Ideas That Went Out With the Mullet
  • 8x8 Receives Skyhigh CloudTrust Program Enterprise-Ready Rating
  • Customer Spotlight: Buildium Delivers Legendary Customer Support with 8x8 and Salesforce
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars Upcoming
  • Events

February 2014

  • Introducing a Simplified Ticketing and Self-Service Solution
  • Live Demo: 8x8 Virtual Contact Center App for Zendesk, March 5
  • Great Customer Service Is Job #1 for CEOs
  • Voicemail-to-Email Enhancements—Turn That Blinking Red Light Off from the Email Notification
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight: Belfast City Airport Chooses 8x8 Solutions
  • Upcoming Events

January 2014

  • Your Business May be Subject to New HIPAA Requirements and You Don't Realize It
  • Feature Spotlight—Virtual Office Mobile App Enhancements
  • Hints & Tips—Flip that Call from Desk Phone to Smartphone to Softphone
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • Customer Spotlight—Direct Interactions Enables People with Disabilities to Work from Home
  • Upcoming Events

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Virtual Contact Center News

Spring 2014

  • Manage Call Center Metrics On the Go
  • 8x8 Awarded 2014 Best Midmarket Service
  • Upcoming Customer Webinars
  • Contact Center Software Mashup Helps in Coaching the Rest of Us
  • Video: The Zen of Call Center Software, Ticket Management and Customer Delight
  • Use Workforce Management Software to Increase Staffing Efficiency
  • Customer Spotlight: Aon Hewitt
  • Upcoming Events

Winter 2014

  • 8x8 and Zendesk—Integration at Its Best
  • Hints & Tips—How to Use Skills-Based Routing
  • 8x8 Virtual Contact Center Release 8.0 Enhancements
  • Great Customer Service Is Job #1 for CEOs
  • Showcase Your Success and 8x8 Expands Across the Pond
  • Customer Spotlight: Belfast City Airport Chooses 8x8 Solutions
  • Buildium Delivers Legendary Customer Support with 8x8 and Salesforce
  • Upcoming Events

Fall 2013

  • Message from the CEO
  • Virtual Contact Center Preview: What's Coming in Version 8.0
  • Tell Us Your Story and You Could Win an iPad!
  • Hints & Tips: Embed Images in Chat for a Great Customer Experience
  • Showcase Your Success and Gain Recognition

Summer 2013

  • Hints & Tips: Easy Do-It-Yourself Channel Rerouting
  • Get Ready for the Great Contact Center Metamorphosis
  • Feature Spotlight: Using the 8x8 Account Manager
  • Hints & Tips: Improve Agent Productivity with Shortcuts
  • Showcase Your Success and Gain Recognition
  • Turn Your Website Visitors into Satisfied Customers
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Business Results with Advanced Contact Center Recording

Spring 2013

  • Feature Spotlight: Using Email Integration to Provide World-Class Support
  • Create the Best Call-back Experience for Your Call Center
  • Hints & Tips: Set Agents' Status to Busy with Outbound Phone Codes
  • How Virtual Call Centers Keep Connected During Disasters
  • Customer Spotlight: Blueair Uses Reporting Features for Product Innovation
  • Join the 8x8 Referral Rewards Program

Winter 2013

  • Message from Chris Bartolo, General Manager
  • Introducing Virtual Contact Center 7.1
  • Feature Spotlight: Routing Calls by Account Number, Case ID and More
  • Hints & Tips: Connect Faster with Frequently Dialed Numbers
  • Tell Us Your Story: 'Our Service Level Improved 100%'
  • Customer Spotlight: Ipreo's Customer Service Shines Through Disaster

    Fall 2012

    • Message from Bryan Martin, CEO
    • Tell us your Story for a chance to Win an iPad!
    • Web Callback: Don't Call Us, We'll Call you!
    • I Can't Get No Customer Satisfaction
    • Hints & Tips: Using Your IVR Test Queue
    • A Holiday Gift For You

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