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Got a Voicemail But the Phone Didn't Ring?

Ever wondered why you have a voicemail but your phone didn't ring? If your company’s Internet service has a temporary failure, it will affect your 8x8 business phone service. Your 8x8 phone service is designed to deal with these types of interruptions by sending your calls directly to voicemail whenever Internet service is unavailable. This is part of your Call Forwarding settings in Virtual Office Online called Default Rules and ensures that even if your phone was temporarily offline, your cloud-based phone system makes sure you still get the message.

Of course, it's easy to change these default rules in Virtual Office Online. Instead of always sending your calls to voicemail in the event of an Internet outage, you can choose to send your calls to your cell phone or any other number, and you need never miss a call again.

For more information on how to change these rules in Virtual Office Online, check out the Advanced Call Forwarding section of the Virtual Office Online Quick Start Guide.

For more helpful articles, visit our Hints and Tips page>