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Virtual Contact Center Preview: What's Coming in Version 8.0

By Mike Reinhart, 8x8 Sr. Product Marketing Manager
October 2013

Coming early 2014, Virtual Contact Center (VCC) 8.0 includes enhanced workflows, updated user interfaces, and new features like user customizable Wallboards. Here are highlights of what you can expect:

New Wallboard Feature

Wallboards are a customizable, graphical depiction of real-time statistics, and they're a fantastic tool for at-a-glance viewing, managing and monitoring queue productivity. You can now monitor agent performance and set alarms and on-screen color changes that are triggered as SLAs approach or exceed thresholds.

Multi-Browser Support

8.0 is compatible with the latest browser versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, running on Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS.

Agent Console Interface Redesign

The updated Agent Console features:
  • A more user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Streamlined workflow and navigation tools
  • New multi-tabbed desktop workspace, which makes navigation between tasks easier and more efficient

Local CRM Enhancements

Formerly called the Case and Contact Management tool, the new native Customer Relationship Management (Local CRM) tool (built into the platform) has undergone significant enhancements including:
  • A new CRM desktop view that consolidates agents’ cases, customers and tasks into a convenient tabbed environment for easy switching and viewing.
  • More options for defining screen pop settings, and greater flexibility in determining which media channel (email, chat, and voice) initiates a screen pop. Customize any customer record detail for presentation in the screen pop to improve the customer/agent experience.
  • Ability to "auto-log" agent activities associated with customer interactions, as well as real-time editing of those logs.
  • Agents can now drag and drop files, create bookmarks, and copy hyperlinks to web pages.

Enhanced Queue and Agent Directory

  • The Queue Directory now provides an at-a-glance view of real-time activity plus the addition of more queue-performance statistics.
  • A new supervisor’s tool in the Agent Directory to view the status of individual agents and agent dispositions, plus the ability to “favorite” frequently viewed agents so they are sorted and presented for quick viewing. And with a simple click on any agent in a queue, supervisors and agents can initiate a chat or a call to each other for rapid resolution of any urgent issues.

Enhanced FAQ

Ability for agents to easily add MS Rich Text Format (RTF) document links without needing to apply HTML tags.

Enhanced Audio Recording Functionality

Agents can easily record and personalize customer-facing messages in their own voices, using their contact center telephony device (i.e. phone). This tool lets an agent record and review their personal messages, and then sort, select and apply their personalized or pre-recorded system messages.

Supervisor Console Enhancements

Two significant enhancements have been made to the supervisor console:
  1. Historical Reporting: Supervisors can now access the new Historical Report Wizard tool to easily select from over 40 pre-defined report templates, customize the report parameters, and save them for reuse or duplication.
  2. Monitoring Playback: A new Playbacks tab improves searching and sorting capabilities. Recordings are now presented as graphical waveform displays for quick viewing and fast forwarding to specific areas of any recorded conversation.

Configuration Manager Enhancements

The Configuration Manager (CM) has undergone a makeover and many new capabilities have been added.
  • For customers with an “Enhanced Integrated Voice Response” (eIVR) system, the CM now provides the ability to build an eIVR Queued Callback interface to give your customers the ability to opt out of their call while waiting on hold in a queue and request a call back. They keep their priority status and place in line. This is a great tool for managing customer expectations and reducing the inbound per-minute hold costs.
  • Support Center has an enhanced ability to create and manage “Direct URLs”, which can be embedded into your website content to drive customers to a specific support area for the help and information.
  • The VCC Chat user interface has been upgraded to present a better visual experience to the customer. Additional customization options are available through 8x8 Professional Services.

Customizable SMTP Services

  • By default, your tenant's outbound email communications are routed via the pre-configured VCC internal SMTP servers. Now you can use your own company’s SMTP server as the source, to control your own security and regulatory compliance.

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