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Virtual Contact Center: What's New in Version 7.1

By Rob Townsend, 8x8 Senior Product Manager
January 30, 2013

Virtual Contact Center, release 7.1 is easier than ever to administer and is rolling out to all 8x8 Virtual Contact Center platforms during the first four months of 2013.

The objective of Release 7.1 was to make large tenant administration easier and to refine a number of agent user-interface functions and options. From an agent’s perspective, everything looks almost the same, and little or no new training is required to use the new version. But from the Configuration Manager perspective, the look and feel of several panels has changed. These changes are well documented in the 7.1 Release Notes, and we expect this to be a fairly easy learning experience for administrators. For the 7.1 documentation page, visit.

Highlights of New Features in Virtual Contact Center Release 7.1
  • No more sharing passwords and no risk of modified settings in areas where an administrator has no modification privileges. Multiple Configuration Manager logins with customizable roles improve security in situations where there are multiple tenant administrators. Up to ten administrator accounts can have specific viewing and configuration rights. 
  • Less hassle to find, view and edit configurable items. Sorting and filtering of lists of Channels, Queues and agents makes it much easier for administrators to manage long lists of objects. 
  • A new Schedules interface, with new capabilities for intraday options. 
  • Improved clarity and flexibility for presentation of outgoing Calling Line Id based on Outbound Phone Codes which has been made independent from the Transaction Code setup area. 
  • Want your agents to avoid recording sensitive payment information? A new agent-controlled Recording Pause feature is available to recording-feature subscribers. 
  • Agent interface refinements include new keyboard shortcuts, inescapable forced transaction codes, forwarding outbound calls to a queue, Offline status preservation, agent chat to a busy agent and a method to force agent Busy status on outbound calls. 
  • Tailor agent roles for their locations or to suit specific needs. Individual agent dial plans let you tailor outbound dialing for greater control. Speed dialing, country national dialing plans, abbreviated intra or inter-office number plans and restricted number filtering are all supported. Note: We recommend consulting Virtual Contact Center Support before making changes to this powerful feature. 
  • Click-to-call, web callback and other automated dialing mechanisms now support an optional parameter to apply specific dial-plan editing to an original phone number submitted to the API. 
How to get Virtual Contact Center 7.1 
As usual, ten days before we transition you to the new version, we will email the Administrator and Maintenance addresses we have on file. There is no charge for these enhancements.
Future Enhancements 
Custom reporting capabilities are a critical area for development, and significant improvements in this area are already underway for a future release. 

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