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Virtual Contact Center: Easy Do-It-Yourself Channel Rerouting

By Nalini Ananthamurthy, Technical Writer

As part of continuing improvements to Virtual Contact Center (VCC), 8x8 has made updates to Virtual Contact Center and Virtual Office business phone service. These updates provide new convenience and flexibility, especially in setting up and activating Channel Rerouting using improvements to your online 8x8 Account Manager.

For our Virtual Office customers, Account Manager is the web-based portal used to configure your phone system services. VCC users, who already check their contact center billing through Account Manager, will now find it easy to use Account Manager to enable Channel Rerouting and to grant privileges to new administrators. So whether you just want more flexibility in everyday call routing, or you’d like to plan for business continuity, you can make these changes yourself from Account Manager, whenever it’s convenient for you and your business.

In addition, we’d like to highlight a companion disaster recovery subscription service available as an add-on service for Virtual Contact Center. Subscribers to the Disaster Recovery Companion Service have access to a secondary recovery tenant that you can switch to using Channel Rerouting, should a business continuity problem arise.
Channel Rerouting Options
The following built-in Channel Rerouting options in Virtual Contact Center help you maintain business continuity:
  • Forward Calls: Directs your contact center traffic to an alternate phone number
  • Companion Disaster Recovery Tenant: An add-on service that allows you to direct your inbound calls to a second disaster recovery tenant, which can be activated during a natural disaster or other serious outage
8x8 Online Account Manager
The online 8x8 Account Manager is the web-based portal that Virtual Office phone system customers use to manage their phone service. Virtual Contact Center customers also use it to view billing statements. Customers with both services previously had to log into two separate Account Manager accounts. We have merged these two accounts into one. Also, Virtual Contact Center customers now have the additional power to grant Account Manager privileges to new administrators.

To log in:
  • Go to
  • Click Sign In at the top of page.
  • Select Account Manager.
  • Enter your 8x8 username and password.
The Account Manager Interface is customized to your service type. Virtual Contact Center customers can:
  • View calling plan options and set up Channel Rerouting
  • View billing statements and set up a billing profile
  • Add user profiles and additional administrators with privileges to manage Account Manager configuration
Manage Contact Center
    How to Set Up Channel Rerouting
    Setting up Channel Rerouting is simple:
    • Log into Account Manager.
    • Click on the Contact Center tab.
    • Select Channel Rerouting.
    Now you can perform these steps to set up contingency plans:
    1. Create a channel rerouting plan at your convenience.
    2. Save changes.
    3. Activate the plan.
    4. Test the plan to verify that calls are routed as intended.
    For more detailed channel rerouting instructions see the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center Account Manager Guide.
    Using Account Manager to Plan Ahead
    Did you know that you can plan ahead by using Account Manager to copy these rerouting options to your contingency plan with a single click, and activate rerouting in the unlikely event of a disaster? For more details on setting up Channel Rerouting, refer to the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center Account Manager Guide.

    Additional Features and Benefits

    • Archive routing plans: Automatically archives up to five historical versions of each routing plan. You can access these from a drop down menu.
    • Validate and copy plans: Ability to test if a routing plan works as intended. Upon validation, copy the settings to another plan. Restore historical routing plans: Access historical versions of a plan from the interface and restore it with a single click.
    Granting Privileges
    This feature lets you share the configuration privileges of Account Manager with multiple administrators. VCC customers should note that these privileges apply only to Account Manager functionality, not to Configuration Manager control. You can create a new administrator and grant the ability to manage channel rerouting, billing, and user profile creation and editing.
    Assigning Privileges
    Viewing Your 8x8 Service Bills
    You can access 8x8 service bills online through Account Manager. You can also view current and past billing statements, set up a billing profile for automatic payment, and download a summary of all accounts.
    Try Out Our Improved Account Manager Soon
    We hope the new capabilities in this release will enhance your contact center operation. And with Channel Rerouting, planning ahead—or making quick changes on the fly—is easier than ever.

    For more helpful articles, visit our Hints and Tips page>.