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Running Call Log Reports

8x8 offers a simple and flexible way for Phone System Administrators to run call log reports. Start by loggiing in to the online 8x8 Account Manager (Go to and click Sign In at the top of the screen)
  1. .Select Reporting from the top navigation bar 
  2. Select the beginning and end dates for the report
  3. Select the time zone for the report
  4. Indicate whether you want to select from extensions, virtual numbers, toll-free numbers or all numbers
  5. Select which numbers you want included in your report
  6. Click Run Report  

 Run a Call Log Report

You can then choose to:

  • View your call log report online
  • Download your call report
  • Email the call report to yourself as a CSV file  
You can also save frequently-run reports as a template by using the Report Templates function. Just make your selections, click Save Template and give your template a name. The next time you want to run the same report, just select that report from the drop down menu, adjust the dates as needed and click Run Report.

For more helpful articles, visit our Hints and Tips page>