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Check out these demos, webinars and videos to learn how 8x8 communications solutions can benefit your business!

Upcoming Demos & Webinars
  • Quality Management: The Magic Dust for Agent Excellence - Quality Management pays dividends immediately, by enabling contact center managers to quickly navigate transaction archives (recordings, transcripts), identify trouble spots, and identify individual skills gaps for every agent. Now you can easily design training paths that will lead each agent on their pathway to excellence.

    Join this webinar to learn how Quality Management solutions from 8x8, powered by KnoahSoft, can elevate agent performance in your contact center and drive profitable growth for your business. September 9, 10:00 AM (PT) Register today >

  • Using Cloud-Powered Phone Service to Manage Branch Office Growth - It's time to stop transferring customers to your competition because of out-dated phone service. Quality voice solutions from the cloud, for your receptionist and branch office needs, are easily within reach. This webinar will introduce the new Switchboard Pro and Branch Office services from 8x8, Inc. Now you can use the award-winning Virtual Office service from 8x8 to make your multi-site business a whole lot more personal and local to your customers, partners, and each other. September 16, 11:00 AM (PT) Register today >

  • Live Demo: Virtual Office Online, Desktop and Pro - Designed specifically for current 8x8 extension users, a live demonstration of 8x8's simple web-based portal used for accessing 8x8 extension services. Feature highlights include: Presence Management, Softphone, Chat, Advanced Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Virtual Fax, and Virtual Meeting. Register today >

  • Virtual Office Overview Live Demonstration - We host a weekly webinar for prospective customers to find out more about our flagship product Virtual Office! This is a great chance to see some of the benefits of our system, as well as get advanced questions asked. Register today >

  • Virtual Contact Center Live Demonstration - We invite you to experience first-hand 8x8's award-winning hosted contact center software solution. Register today >

  • Look Bigger, Grow Bigger With Unified Communications in the Cloud -From 8x8 Learn how to gain competitive advantage and create a professional image using 8x8 Virtual Office. Designed to teach smaller businesses how to leverage 8x8 services to be more efficient and larger companies how to create a streamlined and professional customer service experience. This webinar introduces creative ways 8x8 system administrators can use Ring Groups, Virtual Numbers, Call Queues, the 8x8 Mobile Application, and more to give your business a professional edge. Offers strategies and insights for 8x8 Virtual Office system administrators and business executives looking for ways to use their 8x8 cloud services to expand their perceived market coverage and generate business growth. Register today >

  • Unlock the Power of Your Auto Attendant - Your 8x8 Auto Attendant can be a powerful asset for creating an organized business image, by routing incoming calls quickly, every time, to the right person or group within your company. This webinar provides invaluable guidance to current Virtual Office system administrators looking to optimize their use of their 8x8 Auto Attendant. Recommended as a follow up to the Look Bigger, Grow Bigger webinar. Register today >
On-Demand Videos
  • On-Demand WebcastWhy I Vote for VoIP over Standard Telephone for Small Business. Hear Steve Strauss, small business columnist for USA TODAY and author, as he shares his expertise during this FREE one-hour On-Demand Webcast. Watch It Now >
  • 8x8 Virtual Office Overview DemoSee how Virtual Office business phone service delivers everything a business needs in their phone service and more.
  • Overview: 8x8 Virtual Office Cloud-based Communications Solution — Erik Archer Smith with 8x8 defines the meaning of cloud communications solutions and gives us an engaging demo of the possibilities of 8x8 Virtual Office, our cloud communications platform.
  • Overview: 8x8 Virtual Contact Center — Watch this demo of the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, our cloud-based, fast-to-deploy call center solution that allows you to add or subtract agents almost instantly so you can adjust for seasonal needs and market conditions.
  • Overview: 8x8 Virtual Meeting and Virtual Room — See how simple it is to set up and run an online meeting or video conference with 8x8. Erik Archer Smith shows us all the great capabilities of these two cloud-based solutions.
  • Unlock the Power of Your Auto Attendant - Learn how powerful an Auto Attendant can be to your business. Erik Archer Smith shows you the benefits of this included tool.

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