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Make Your Passion Profitable with 8x8 Hosted VoIP

Customer: Cordell Surfboards

Industry: Manufacturing

Locations: 2 in Newport Beach, California


8x8 Products: 8x8 Virtual Office business phone service

Top Feature: 

  • Mobile app
  • Auto attendant
  • Easy call routing

Vendor Replaced: AT&T

Main Reasons for Choosing 8x8: More functionality at a lower cost

When Paul Bresenden, managing partner of Cordell Surfboards, decided it was time for a new business phone service, he knew he needed a flexible, cost-effective system that was as nimble as his company.

Small business owners are a hard-working lot. They pour blood, sweat and tears into their companies, doing everything they can to make them successful.

But for some people, all that passion is truly a labor of love. Take Paul Bresenden, for example. Paul founded a digital agency called 454 Creative. Running one business would be enough for most people, but Paul is also passionate about surfing. So a few years ago he partnered in another venture: Cordell Surfboards in Newport Beach, California.

8x8 Provides Powerful Functionality for a Lower Monthly Payment

Paul Breseden - Managing Partner Cordell Surfboards

Cordell Surfboards builds custom boards for professional surfers and standout amateurs. It’s a boutique business with a niche clientele, and the profit margins are thin. Yet somehow, this labor of love remains successful. How? According to Paul, a big part of the answer is 8x8 hosted VoIP business phone service.

“Traditional phone systems are too bloated and expensive for a small business like ours,” he says. “Before we had two AT&T lines that were constantly bottlenecked.

With 8x8, we have more powerful functionality and a much lower monthly payment. I would say it’s 400% better than our old phone system!”

One 8x8 Extension Unifies Multiple Locations

Cordell Surfboards

Cordell Surfboards uses just one 8x8 extension for both its fabrication facility and its sales office, which are in different locations. 8x8’s Auto Attendant ties the two together by allowing callers to route themselves to either location—even when the location changes.

“We’ve moved our offices twice already, and all we had to do it plug in our 8x8 phones and set up our call routing options,” explains Paul. “The only prerequisite for 8x8 service is a reliable Internet connection, so we can move our offices anywhere.”

Flexible Features Can Be Configured on the Fly

The flexibility of 8x8 phone features is another aspect of the service that adds value for Paul, especially when it comes to hands-on system administration. The ability to make changes whenever he needs to saves him a lot of time.

“Our business needs change from day to day and 8x8 adapts with us. I can redo our call routing options or set up new call forwarding rules on the fly by myself. I’ve never had to contact tech support because the system works flawlessly every time. The simplicity is what really sold me.”

Scalability Keeps Costs Low

Paul also points to 8x8’s superior scalability and month-to-month pricing as significant advantages for his small business.

“When dealing with AT&T, we were locked into a long-term contract,” he says. “8x8 doesn’t do that. We pay a monthly fee and can scale the service up or down, depending on our needs. Being able to downsize has allowed us to keep costs low and stay profitable.”

Stay Professional Even When Using Your Personal Phone
Cordell Surfboard

Although Cordell Surfboards is a small operation, Paul wants to look as professional as possible when dealing with clients, vendors and business partners.

8x8’s mobile app and follow-me service enable him to do that using his own smartphone.

“I love the 8x8 mobile app!” he says. “It lets me route business calls to my cell phone and answer them appropriately. Basically, I can take or make calls anywhere and still sound professional. 8x8 helps us look like a larger organization while we build our business reputation.”

8x8 Overdelivers for Small Business

As for Paul’s other venture, 454 Creative, he plans to move it over to 8x8 hosted VoIP when his current service provider contract ends. In the meantime, he recommends 8x8 to clients struggling with the same phone system challenges Cordell Surfboards had.

Every client who has made the switch is happy they did. “Even the really picky ones,” he says, laughing.

In the VoIP marketplace today, there are multiple providers offering cost-competitive solutions. So what is it about 8x8 that makes Paul recommend it to other small businesses?

“8x8 overdelivers,” he says. “People are afraid of adopting new technology, but 8x8 takes all the fear out of making the transition. The company’s been around for a long time, and they know what they’re doing. The service is affordable, reliable and fully hosted, which means there’s no hardware to manage or big upfront costs.

You can dive right in and it works. That’s what small business owners need.”