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8x8 Unifies Distributed Offices for Leading Storage Systems Provider

In 2010, just one week before a major corporate move, CST Industries, Inc. discovered that it could not migrate its existing phone system. It needed a robust solution fast. 8x8 came to the rescue and installed a new phone system. Fast forward to 2012, where CST is expanding its 8x8 service to multiple locations to lower costs and unite employees under one phone system.

CST Industries HeadquartersCST Industries, Inc., is the world’s leading provider of factory-coated metal storage tanks, aluminum domes and specialty covers, and reclaimer systems. The company has multiple manufacturing facilities and regional sales offices throughout North America and the United Kingdom. It also has international offices in Brazil, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Dubai.

In 2010, CST moved its corporate headquarters from a manufacturing site to a new, state-of-the-art office building in Lenexa, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City.

Just a week before the move, the IT department discovered it could not migrate the company’s existing telephone system to the new headquarters. With only a few days to solve the problem, CST selected 8x8 as its new phone service provider in Lenexa.

Fast Installation

Working together, 8x8 and CST got the new phones installed in time. Initially there were some problems with voice quality and dropped calls, but 8x8 quickly isolated the network configuration issues and resolved them. Since then, 8x8’s hosted VoIP phone service has been so reliable and popular with users that the company is expanding it to more locations.

Impeccable SupportYusuf Abu-Hatoum

“8x8’s customer service is impeccable and their technical support is amazing,” said Yusuf Abu-Hatoum, chief information officer at CST. “8x8 does a fabulous job in responding to customers. Whether I make a call, send an email or access the self-service portal, I always get a quick response. Our account manager is fully invested in making sure we have no issues, and I’m extremely impressed with that.”

Extension Dialing Keeps Everyone Connected

Over the years, CST has experienced significant organic growth and acquired a number of companies. To unite all these distributed employees and offices, Abu-Hatoum has decided to expand CST’s 8x8 service beyond the Lenexa headquarters. 

“CST is one team with one vision,” said Abu-Hatoum. “With 8x8, we can have one phone system that keeps all of us connected.”

A key driver behind this decision is 8x8’s extension dialing feature. Using this feature, employees can call coworkers in other offices just by dialing a 4-digit extension—even if the coworker is in another state. It also enables CST to have a global phone directory that includes its distributed employees.

The first two CST locations migrating to 8x8 service are in California and Illinois, where 8x8 will displace a much more expensive communications system and a 26-year-old key line system, respectively. The migration will triple the number of 8x8 extensions, from 80 to 240.

Unified Phone Service Cuts Costs

Over the next two years, Abu-Hatoum plans to migrate four or five additional CST locations to 8x8 hosted VoIP service, which will add another 400–500 extensions.

“Our goal is to deploy 8x8 service companywide, but we are doing it location by location,” he explained. “8x8 gives us the flexibility to migrate at our own pace.” 

Abu-Hatoum estimates that moving to 8x8 service will reduce CST’s telephone costs—particularly its long distance charges—by as much as 25 percent. 

Once the California and Illinois locations complete the transition to 8x8, Abu-Hatoum also plans to leverage 8x8’s free plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and mobile app for iOS and Android devices. 

“8x8 offers some slick features for users as well as a fully functional web portal that makes it easy for us to manage the system by ourselves,” noted Abu-Hatoum. “The first phase of our 8x8 expansion is going very well, and we’re excited at the prospect of having unified phone service for our entire organization.