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Virtual Office Customers

Irving Materials - Case StudyIrving Materials

Challenge: Needed to unify all locations under a single phone system and improve communication and productivity.

: 8x8's technologies helped Irving Materials to cut previous telecommunications expense by 60% and improve collaboration and efficiency.

Employees: 1000-5000
Industry: Building Industries

TMW Systems Transportation - Case StudyTMW Systems

Challenge: Transition to a hosted solution that offered greater flexibility and freedom while giving TMW Systems the redundancy and reliability they needed.

: 8x8 solution with built-in disaster recovery capabilities offers multiple redundancy and re-routing capabilities. In case of power failure or Internet outage employees can simply unplug their phones, plug them into their home network and continue interacting with customers as if they were still in the office.

Employees: 200-500
Industry: Computer Software
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CST Industries - Case StudyCST Industries

Challenge: Needed a reliable telecommunications company that was able to support their move to a new HQ location with a robust solution , and could be deployed quickly.

: Working together, 8x8 and CST got the new phones installed in time. Since then, 8x8's hosted VoIP phone service has been so reliable and popular with users that the company is expanding it to more locations.

Employees: 500-1000
Industry: Machinery
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Beamalife - Case StudyBeamalife

Challenge: Required a replacement communications system that could support the move to a new office, was cloud based, reliable, flexible and cost effective, and could be deployed very quickly.

: After running 8x8 side-by-side with their existing phone system, Beamalife concluded 8x8 was the clear winner.

Employees: 50-200
Industry: Financial Services
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Remax Tri-County - Case Study

Challenge: Hurricane Sandy struck in 2012, the company's office was spared direct damage, but recurring brownouts damaged the hard drive of its 14-year-old NEC phone system. The hard drive was too old to be repaired and needed to be replaced quickly.

: With 8x8 hosted VoIP service, every RE/MAX Tri County agent now has a direct phone line and can take calls anywhere. This means even the company's many work-at-home agents are now seamlessly connected to the main office.

Employees: 50-100
Industry: Real Estate
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St. Matthew's Lutheran School - Case Study

Challenge: St Mathew's Lutheran School needed to quickly install a reliable hosted PBX solution that would reduce the school's up-front costs.

: 8x8 hosted VoIP service, discounted through the E-rate program, got the phones ringing again before the month was over.

Employees: 10-50
Industry: Education K-12
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West Town Savings Bank - Case Study

Challenge: West Town Savings Bank needed a new business phone system to support the new mortgage division.

: 8x8 Virtual Office Pro provided state-of-the-art Internet phone and fax services that helped drive the division's rapid growth and double the bank's assets.

Employees: 50-200
Industry: Financial Services/Mortgage/Real Estate
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Virtual Contact Center Customers

Direct Interactions - Case StudyDirect Interactions

Challenge: Required a virtual call center solution that would easily adapt to agents with disabilities, provide flexible connectivity and allow agents to work from home nationwide via VoIP or landline phones.

: 8x8 Virtual Contact Center met all of the company's selection criteria—and delivered even more including integration with NetSuite. With flexible connectivity via landline phone or VoIP it gives agents maximum uptime and has dramatically reduced the per-minute call costs.

Employees: 51-200
Industry: Outsourcing/Offshoring

Zumiez - Case Study

Challenge: Wanted to partner with a company that shares Zumiez's commitment to providing outstanding customer service.

: 8x8 made Zumiez's move to a new location seamless, and the company saw 100% improvement in service levels.

Employees: 1000-5000
Industry: Retail

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Blueair - Case Study

Challenge: Improve customer service processes while reducing contact center staffing costs.

: 8x8's NetSuite integration and advanced reporting features gave Blueair the insight they needed to support their international business and deliver world-class customer service. Customers are happier, agents are happier and the owner is happier too.

Employees: 5-10
Industry: Air Purifiers, portable

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OPP (Outreach Process Partners) - Case Study

Challenge: The company won a major contract with the EPA and needed to launch a hotline in only 3 weeks.

: With the assistence of 8x8, OPP had a fully functional call center up and running in 3 weeks.

Employees: 10-50
Industry: Public outreach; Government contractor

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Hear What Our Customers Say

Virtual Office | Virtual Contact Center

Our Virtual Office Customers Say....

"With 8x8, everything's in the cloud—so all you need is an Internet connection. When we got to the new location, all we had to do was plug in our phones! 8x8 saved us a substantial sum just on the move alone."

Diana Hsien
Yew Chung International School (YCIS)

"Our dealership specializes in Saabs and Subarus, and we're on the road two to three days a week buying cars. Whenever we leave the dealership, we just forward our 8x8 extensions to our cell phones. That way, we can continue to take customer calls no matter where we are."

Bill DeBoer Jr.
DeBoer's Auto

"The difference between 8x8 and our previous service provider was amazing. Our first provider spent weeks just trying to get our phones to work right, and they never succeeded. 8x8 had our whole system up and running in just a few days"

Dr. Angelique Andrews
H.A.P.P.I. Inc.

"Success in this business is all about numbers. 8x8 Virtual Office also comes with reporting software. I can go in at any time to see who my sales people are calling, and how many inbound and how many outbound calls they're making. I have full accounting of call volume per telemarketer."

Jerry Crouse
Allstate agency owner

"With 8x8, our employees can use their cell phones to take business calls without giving out their cell phone numbers. The Mobile app makes their Droid or iPhone look like their 8x8 office phone. It's a win-win because it enables us to be more responsive to clients while protecting our employees' privacy."

Cherri Jenkins
The AHI Group

"Our business depends on sales leads via the Internet and phone for its survival. Even if a lead initially comes through our website, it will undoubtedly end in a phone call either to the office or from the office. 8x8's dependable services and features have given us the tools we need to help grow our business and the ability to continue to keep our customers happy by answering any questions they have and fulfilling their needs."

Benjamin Taylor
Denver SEO, LLC

"Virtual Office has helped us keep track of our call logs, helping to increase productivity and reach our goals. The chat feature is also helpful. We can communicate across the office without having to disrupt our other tasks. The call forwarding is so easy and accessible, and I love that I can get calls on my cell phone if I'm away from my desk."

Sarah McCoy

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Our Contact Center Customers Say...

"We are a small call center for an international business, but we recently went from 6 part-time agents to 2 full-time agents and the transition was flawless. Also, our home base in Sweden has requested more info on our North American customers. They want to know what calls are coming in, what questions are being asked, and where we are seeing the most problems. The 8x8 system and its tracking/transaction codes are the making it a heck of a lot easier to send them the information they require."

Justin Warren, Customer Service Manager


"Our agents can toggle seamlessly between 8x8 and NetSuite. They can use a single sign-on screen and start a VoIP or standard telephone call by clicking any contact name in their CRM application. With 8x8's queuing and routing flexibility, we can prioritize inbound calls and customer handling based on data in the client's CRM software—like geography, account level and other factors. The customer's NetSuite record pops onto the 8x8 screen so that the agent views it right away. All of these 8x8 features enable more efficient, cost-effective service and more satisfied customers."

Jonas Nicholson
Direct Interactions

"New England weather has changed drastically over the years. With storms, "Northeasters" and now (of all things) hurricanes, having the ability to 'work from home' for our call center is a blessing. During one of the storms, many our staff members were without power and I opened my home as a temporary call center. With the use of cell phones, and PCs, we were able to support our business needs. We were able to redirect the phone lines to the individual cell numbers and take calls. I had the wood-burning stove going and served coffee. Our clients were happy, my staff was warm and we were set to go. 8x8 Virtual Contact Center kept us going. Technology is great."

Mara Dicenso, Manager

"Acumen Brands owns and operates several large online retail stores. With our former call center provider, we did not have access to separate phone numbers for our different channels, we did not have the ability to add groups within those channels, and we had no metrics for reporting purposes. When we launched 8x8 this summer, we had 5 agents. We've now grown to 29 agents! Throughout the five months we have had 8x8, it has enabled our company to make crucial decisions based off of the information gathered from the reports. We have also been able to increase our efficiency, answering more calls per agent (and more quickly) by utilizing different groups and channels. We are very thankful for the 8x8 system that has allowed our customer service department to be taken to the next level as our company has grown."

Kelli Strachan, Customer Service Manager
Acumen Brands

"8x8 saved us. The new 8x8 Virtual Contact Center rejuvenated our business, cut our telephone costs, and got us through the financial crisis. 8x8 also brought us a new level of efficiency where we now get full value for the dollars we spend."

Charles Miller

Blue World Pools