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Internet Phone Service for Small Business

Internet phone service for business You want your small business to have it all – including a phone system that helps you make the best possible impression to your customers and vendors. With 8x8 Virtual Office business phone service, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection to put your phone system to work wherever you are: office, home, hotel or on the road. There’s no need for a telecom closet filled with bulky PBX hardware to get unlimited calling and advanced features.

Impress Your Customers

The phone system features 8x8 delivers over your Internet connection will not only impress your customers, they'll help you serve them better. From an automated receptionist to music on hold to conference calling, you'll give your clients the attention they deserve, and instill confidence in your business.

Unite employees with Internet phone service

Unite Everyone Under One Phone System

Because the phone service and features are delivered over the Internet, it's simple to put all your employees under the same phone system—even if they work in different offices or telecommute from home. Simplify and save with one phone system and one monthly bill. And with one simple web portal to manage your phone system, you'll save time too.

Softphones, Smartphones, deskphones

Desk Phones, Mobile Apps, Smartphones

Choose from a wide range of high-quality VoIP desk phones and conference phones. Make calls from your computer with the free softphone feature. And the 8x8 VoIP mobile app turns your iPhone, iPad or Android phone (or tablet) into your office phone on the go. You need never miss a call.

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