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An 8x8 Virtual Room is like a physical conference room but it's in the cloud so everyone can join no matter where they are located. One monthly fee gives you unlimited video conferences per 8x8 Virtual Room. See. Speak. Share. It's like being there.

8x8 Virtual Room Plans

*     Polycom HDX systems must be associated with an Virtual Office Pro extension.
**   Device video resolution is limited by the device and cannot be improved by purchasing a higher resolution Virtual Room plan.
*** $99.00 special pricing applies to orders for Low-Def Virtual Rooms and is in effect for the first 12 months of service.
     Pricing reverts to regular pricing after 12 months.

Plan Low-Def Plan Standard-Def Plan High-Def Plan
Cost per Month $199.99
$  99.00 Special Offer***
$349.99 $499.99
Video Resolution CIF (Small Screen) CIF
4CIF (Standard Definition)
HD 720p / 1080p
Maximum Video Bandwidth
(Room Video Rate Limit)
384 kbps 512 kbps 2048 kbps
Recommended Devices
by Plan**
Computer with webcam
Polycom VVX*
Computer with webcam
Polycom VVX*
Polycom HDX*
Computer with webcam
Polycom VVX
Polycom HDX 4000 series*
Polycom HDX 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000*
Additional Participants Over 15
(limit is 20 total participants)
per add'l person
per meeting
per add'l person
per meeting
per add'l person
per meeting
Meeting Overlap Charge
(When one meeting runs long & overlaps
with another in the same Virtual Room)
 $24.99 per meeting
$24.99 per meeting $24.99 per meeting

Only one video conference can be held in a Virtual Room at a time. If one meeting runs late, overlapping meetings are permitted for up to 15 minutes, then the first meeting is automatically ended. To hold multiple meetings in the same time slot, please purchase additional Virtual Rooms. All plans include unlimited video and audio calling for up to 15 participants per meeting. 

Minimum Requirements
  • At least one Virtual Office Pro extension is required to schedule and host a Virtual Room video conference
  • Polycom HDX devices must be associated with a Virtual Office Pro extension 
  • Adobe Flash 10.3 or later and Java required for online scheduling and video conferencing viewing on a computer
  • Adequate Internet bandwidth is required to support the video device(s) at participating locations