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Video conferencing helps you see eye-to-eye with colleagues, customers, and partners. When you need to make informed decisions, gain consensus, improve morale and increase efficiency, a video conference trumps conference calls, hands down. But until now, it was too complicated and expensive for most companies to consider.

Video Conferencing in the Cloud

8x8 Cloud Conferencing changes everything. With 8x8 Virtual Room, video conferencing is:
  • Accessible to Everyone—Now video conferencing goes way beyond the boardroom. 8x8 Virtual Room works with video systems and video phones as well as computers with webcams. So everyone can be included, everyone can collaborate and your whole company benefits.
  • Simple—Video conferencing doesn't have to be so complicated. 8x8 Virtual Room gives your company its own private conference room in our cloud. You can instantly schedule video conferences online and participants join by dialing in or clicking a link in their email invitation. It's that easy!
  • Reliable and Available—Video conferencing has a reputation for being touchy and unreliable. With 8x8 Virtual Room, it just works. The 8x8 network has built in redundant systems to help ensure reliable, always-on performance. Your Virtual Room is waiting for you 24/7 in the 8x8 cloud.
  • Affordable—With 8x8, you can hold unlimited video meetings for up to 15 participants for one affordable flat monthly fee without worrying about per-minute or per user fees. Video conferencing is finally within your means.
  • Leverage Video Investments—If you already own Polycom VVX or HDX equipment, talk to us about how you can get more out of it for less money, with 8x8 Virtual Room.
Videoconferencing for Everyone

Robert Stohmeyrer of PCWorld said in a recent article "Of all the services we tried, Virtual Room delivered the smoothest video by far, even from webcam-based users.” Read more here...

Works with:
  • Polycom HDX 4000 (Datasheet), 6000, 7000, 8000 & 9000 (Datasheet) Telepresence Systems
  • Polycom VVX 1500 Business Media Phones - Learn more
  • 8x8 Virtual Office Pro - Learn more
  • Any computer with a webcam