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At 8x8, we are constantly innovating, listening and improving. You made suggestions and we responded. See our latest and greatest feature enhancements.

Latest Feature Enhancements (July 7, 2014)

8x8 Mobile App Now Has Cellular Call Mode for Better Call Quality

Announcing Cellular Call Mode: the option to use your cellular minutes to make and receive calls using your Virtual Office Mobile app! Now you can choose between Cellular Call Mode and Wi-Fi/Mobile Data Mode.

With Cellular Call Mode, you can handle inbound and outbound calls over the cellular network and experience better call quality and call connection. Be sure to upgrade your app to take advantage of this feature.

On launching the upgraded version, you are automatically prompted to set up your preferred call mode.

To change your call mode settings, follow the on-screen prompts.

Call Modes: WiFi/Data vs. Cellular

You can handle inbound and outbound calls from your Virtual Office Mobile using mobile data network or cellular network. 8x8 Virtual Office allows you to switch between the two networks based on your needs. For example, if you are roaming in areas with weak wi-fi signals or poor 3G/4G reception, you may experience poor call quality or dropped calls. By switching to cellular data network, you can gain better call quality and reliable call connection.

To select a calling network option:
  • Navigate to More | Call Mode.
  • Tap Outbound or Inbound to select the desired call mode.
  • The app automatically saves your selection.

Note: For iOS using cellular mode, select Return after call option to return to the Virtual Office Mobile app after the call. Enabling this option prompts to call your Virtual Office number before each outbound call. By accepting, you are automatically directed back to the app after the call.

Call Modes: Benefits and Limitations

Use Wi-Fi/Mobile data for Outbound and Inbound

If you select Wi-Fi/Mobile data network, calls are placed over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE data network using VoIP. The call signaling and media are transmitted over the Internet.


  • Access to advanced PBX functions such as call recording, call transfer, call parking and more.
  • Outbound call details including the call duration captured in the call log .
  • Does not incur cellular calling charges.
  • Call quality is dependent on the data network signal quality. If the signal quality drops, the call quality drops as well.
  • While on a Wi-Fi call, you must stay within the Wi-Fi network limits. If you leave the coverage, the call drops. An established call does not move across different networks.

Use Cellular for Outbound

Calls are placed over the traditional cellular network.The caller ID at the receiving end displays the Virtual Office number masking your cell phone number. At the termination of a call, you are automatically directed back to the app if you select to return to the app in outbound call mode.

Note: You must enable caller ID in your device settings. If you block your caller ID, Virtual Office service fails to establish calls.

  • Call quality comparable to a regular cell phone call
  • Reduced risk of dropped call as you roam the cellular network
  • Better call experience by projecting your Virtual Office number on the caller ID
  • Lack of access to features such as recording, transferring, or parking a call.
  • No support for video call
  • Consumes cellular calling minutes and Virtual Office minutes if you are on a metered plan
  • Call detail does not record call duration information

Use Cellular for Inbound

Inbound calls are received over the traditional cellular network. It does not override any call forwarding rules you have in place. Call forwarding rules always take precedence over your inbound call preference.


  • Call quality comparable to a regular cell phone call
  • Reduced risk of dropped call as you roam the cellular network
  • Projects caller ID of the party originating the call
  • Lack of access to features such as recording, transferring, or parking a call.
  • No support for video calling.
  • Conflicting voice mail behavior between device voicemail system and Virtual Office voicemail.

    Important: If you are unable to answer a call in time, your voicemails may land in your cellular voicemail box. See the 8x8 Mobile app troubleshooting help to learn how to prevent this behavior.

  • No support for call log within the app. Calls are logged by the device.
  • Consumes cellular minutes and Virtual Office calling minutes if you are on a metered plan

Virtual Meeting Enhancements (Virtual Meeting Online & Desktop 3.7)

Now when joining a Virtual Meeting from the email invite or your calendar, meeting participants can choose to use the familiar Internet browser format or a new plug-in.

Here are the benefits of Virtual Office Online plug-in:

  • No need to download Java or Flash software.
  • Improved product stability and a better user experience.
  • System administrator privileges are not required to download.
  • If you use Virtual Office Desktop, the plug-in is already installed.

Meeting participants can still use the Internet based platform to join Virtual Meetings.

Additional changes to Virtual Meeting:

  • Participants can now join a meeting from Virtual Office Online or Desktop by entering a meeting ID number instead of relying on just the link.
  • Host and Moderator privileges:
    • Host and moderator privileges can be assigned to users of your 8x8 system when you create a new meeting. Moderators can grant content sharing privileges to any participant (including non-system users) once the meeting has begun.
    • When joining a Virtual Meeting, a Host/Moderator must log in with a valid 8x8 username and password to have full access to Virtual Meeting features, including the ability to share content.
  • Remote Desktop Control feature is no longer supported.

Click here to view Release Notes (3.7)

Instructions to join a Virtual Meeting

New Virtual Office Services

Branch Office

Branch Office gives 8x8 phone system administrators the ability to segment extensions on their PBX into groups that can represent physical or virtual branches of your company. Each branch has its own unique branch directory and IVR script. Branch Office also allows you to customize the "zero-out" function, giving you more options for routing calls to other extensions besides just the receptionist at the primary location. That’s especially useful for systems with multiple auto attendants or the new 8x8 Switchboard Pro.

Read the blog Branch Out, Move Up, Stay Connected, to learn more about the benefits of Branch Office.

Switchboard Pro

Switchboard Pro

Equip the primary answering position for the entire company or branch office with a powerful switchboard software app that greatly streamlines live call handling and enhances visibility of the "presence" of each employee in the organization.

Switchboard Pro's sophisticated call-processing capabilities and insights allow you to more efficiently handle both internal and external callers’ needs to get to the right resources quickly. This browser-based software works in tandem with a Polycom IP phone.

Feature highlights:

Easy to Use

  • Minimal experience and training required
  • Works with a computer and 8x8-provided Polycom IP phones
  • Simple point-and-click management of all calls
  • Unlimited search and sorting capabilities, to quickly find any user or extension
  • Click-to-dial any extension

Increased Visibility and Productivity

  • At-a-glance view of the presence and availability of every user in the organization or branch
  • Chat function improves communication and collaboration
  • Associate notes to extensions, for quick reminders of the user’s status

Easy Call Transfers

  • Supervised Transfer – Prior to transferring a call, the attendant can brief the recipient with information about who is calling and the purpose of the call.
  • Transfer to Voicemail – Send a caller straight to a recipient's voicemail box.
  • Direct Transfer – Instantly transfer the call to any extension.

Call Park

  • Public Park – Anyone in the branch or organization can retrieve the parked call.
  • Branch Park – Anyone within a defined branch can retrieve the parked call.
  • Private Park – Only the user of the extension where the call is parked can retrieve the parked call.

Click here for system requirements
Switchboard Pro Online User Guide