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Feature Enhancements (August 23, 2014)

Virtual Receptionist is now Power Keys

8x8 Virtual Receptionist has been renamed Power Keys. While there is no change in functionality, the new name reflects how it turns your Polycom phone or sidecars into a powerful call handling and work group monitoring tool.  With Power Keys, you can take full advantage of the spare line keys on your Polycom phones and additional line keys and use them for:

BLF Functions:

  • BLF Presence—Monitor the real-time call status (or presence) of other extensions. See who is on the phone and who is available.
  • BLF Speed Dial—Automatically dial to an idle extension that you are monitoring.
  • BLF Speed Transfer—Instantly transfer a live call to an idle extension you are monitoring.
  • BLF Call Pickup—Pick up a ringing call on an extension you are monitoring.
  • BLF keys can monitor any 8x8 extensions, including all 8x8 supported phone types - any vendor, any model.

Line Appearance Power Keys—Assign line appearance keys (LAKs) to manage multiple live calls at the same time instead of the standard two live calls on the default 2 LA.

Click here to view Power Key plans from 8x8.