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Your Call Center Software Solution in the Cloud

If you have a customer service department, a telesales team, or a technical support department, you already know that the old-school call centers require a huge up-front capital investment in on-site hardware and software. At 8x8, we do it differently.

Forget the big hardware and software fees

With the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, we take the software-as-a-service or hosted approach to our call center software which allows you to immediately launch your contact center for a low monthly fee with no hardware expense (except phones), no software licensing fees, and no implementation or maintenance team to hire.
  • It’s fast and easy to implement.
  • Your sales or support agents can be located anywhere you need them to be.
  • Use its advanced call center features to route inbound callers quickly and appropriately
With 8x8 call center software, you can turn your contact center into a productivity center that gets better results from your agents. 

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Call Center Software by 8x8

Software-as-a-service or cloud-based call center software is rapidly gaining favor among enterprises and SMBs, as organizations continue to discover the many advantages it has over an on-premises call center. Organizations over the world are discovering the advantages of using 8x8's call center software for their inbound call center operations.
Call Center Software workflow chart

8x8's online call center software is fast, simple and affordable to deploy. All that is needed is a computer,a phone and an Internet connection. That means organizations avoid having to make a large upfront capital investment in new equipment and network architecture. In addition because our call center software solution is delivered on a subscription basis, organizations don’t need to pay for expensive software licenses, they simply “lease” the software on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our Call Center Software Solution Features

8x8 is a leading provider of Web-based inbound call center technologies. Our Virtual Contact Center platform offers a suite of core inbound call center technologies, including ACD with universal queuing for multimedia contacts and skills based routing, and IVR with self-serve options. What’s more, our patent pending Advanced Virtual Tenant Architecture (AVTA) distinguishes our inbound call center software solution from others on the market in terms of reliability.

8x8's Virtual Contact Center features include:
Skills-based routing—Direct your clients to the appropriately skilled agents IVR (Interactive Voice Response)—Automate interactions with your clients
Multi-media Management—Telephony, email, or web chat channels, all in one application CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) —Coordinate telephony and data delivery to your agents 
Real-time monitoring and reporting—Take the pulse of call center operations on-demand Local CRM —Customer relationship and interaction management
Historical reporting—Call center metrics at your fingertips and wallboards with real time metrics in a visual format
FAQ Knowledgebase—Quick answers to your customers' questions
CRM & Workforce Management Integration—Out-of-the-box integration with leading customer relationship management solutions like Salesforce, NetSuite, MS Dynamcs, Zendesk, Teleopti and KnoahSoft. Call recording and logging—Robust voice recording and logging capabilities
Collaboration—See and control your clients' desktops Web Callback Web Callback—API that lets you create forms on your website to have customers request a callback
Call Center Software Solutions

8x8’s Virtual Contact Center is suitable for inbound and blended call centers in a wide range of verticals and industries, such as retail/catalog/e-commerce, financial services, insurance, utilities and internal/external help desks. Because the call center software is hosted on a multi-tenant platform, where server resources are shared, it is highly flexible and can be readily customized to meet just about any business needs.

Customer-facing call centers can benefit significantly from the call center software solution’s multimedia routing capabilities. Customers today demand the freedom to choose which channels they use to make contact, whether phone, email or Web chat. These alternate channels are already demonstrating their value in terms of reduced communications costs and increased agent productivity: For example, a call center agent can handle multiple emails or Web chat sessions simultaneously, whereas this is not possible with phone calls. In addition, intelligent routing means customers are directed to the most appropriate available agent quickly, a proven driver of customer satisfaction. Read about some of our other applications here:

Implement your call center software
  • Step 1 - 8x8 quickly provisions a tenant for your inbound call center. Unlike other call center software providers, there are no thin clients or Java-based applications to install
  • Step 2 - Have your managers attend 8x8’s JumpStart program, which consists of four one-and-a-half hour hands-on sessions. Through these online sessions, your managers will learn how to upload IVR messages, add new agents, establish queues, define call flows and more
  • Step 3 - Transition your 800 numbers and your inbound call center agents are ready to receive calls! All they need is a phone, a web browser and an Internet connection