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Get Total Recall with Call Recording

Use Call Recording for call center compliance, record keeping, agent training and process improvement. 
  • Improve customer service quality by evaluating agent-customer interactions.
  • Train new contact center agents.
  • Save recordings for compliance or as a record of a phone transaction.
Record calls based on:
  • Percentage of calls by skill/queue
  • Percentage by agent ID inbound and/or outbound
  • Agent discretion by clicking a button on the agent toolbar
You can record only those calls that make sense for the business. For example, record a percentage of agent calls for quality assurance training or 100% of sales calls to keep a record of customers agreeing to a sale. 

Recordings are indexed with calls for easy retrieval and playback from any authorized supervisor position. Individual recordings can be played back or saved to disk. A secure FTP site is provided to download recordings in bulk. 8x8 has a number of recording storage options to meet your needs